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The athletics industry is projected to exceed $83 billion in market value by 2023, and it demands qualified professionals to fill administrative, marketing, and promotional roles in sports management.

Whether your dream is to work as an agent for a professional athlete, in athletics administration, facility management, or sports marketing, understanding how to implement sound business strategies within the sports industry will make you more valuable to potential employers and help you excel in your career.

That’s why in addition to courses specific to sports management, GMercyU’s Bachelor of Science degree (BS) in Sports Management also includes courses in business, economics, finance, marketing, and law.

Program Details

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Boost your employability and earning potential by earning your MBA. With GMercyU's unique  4 +1 MBA,  students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can earn both a bachelor of science degree in sports management and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in just five years.

Skip the grad school entrance exams by taking graduate credits during your senior year – as part of your undergraduate tuition – and then seamlessly complete your MBA the following year.

GMercyU’s Sports Management program encompasses both theory and practical application. While thorough knowledge of the facts and figures of the athletic industry is essential, you will also learn effective strategies for applying these principles to their future careers.

Program highlights include:

  • A sports management education that includes a full repertoire of business courses, since professionals working in the athletic industry must understand the fundamentals of business.
  • Internship opportunities with successful local sports-affiliated establishments that let you apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to a real-world setting and build networking connections. Interships are required of all Sports Management majors.
  • Experienced faculty (no teaching assistants!) who understand business from the boardroom, not just the classroom. Our low student to faculty ratio of 10:1 means individualized attention, support, and mentorship from your professors.
  • Valuable industry networking opportunities through internships, guest lecturers, and conferences. 
  • GMercyU’s state-of-the-art facilities, including a financial trading room equipped with a real-time stock ticker.
  • The Griffin Student Leadership Institute, a chance for you to develop effective and ethical leadership skills.
  • Study abroad opportunities that will expand your horizons.
  • An emphasis on key skills that employers look for – critical thinking, communications, and problem solving – skills that have proved especially relevant this year. 
  • The Griffin Edge will help you connect the dots between your GMercyU experiences and your future aspirations, so you can ace future job interviews and launch a successful career. Learn more about the Griffin Edge below. 

Learn about the key factors differentiating the top sports management colleges.

GMercyU's sports management curriculum offers specialized sports-related courses that allow you to dive deeper into specific fields. It also offers a solid foundation in business, economics, accounting, and management that teach advanced principles of business and accounting.

In addition to completing general education requirements, you will complete the following courses as a sports management major:

Prerequisites - 15 Credits

ACC 105 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 106 Principles of Accounting II
BUS 101 Business Theory
ECN 102 Microeconomics
ECN 103 Macroeconomics

Management Core - 30 credits

ACC 301 Managerial Accounting
BUS 207 Principles of Marketing
BUS 230 Business Law
BUS 214 Business Ethics
BUS 209 Business Statistics I
BUS 310 Principles of Finance
BUS 318 Operations Management
BUS 212 International Business
BUS 340 Business Statistics II
BUS 4000 Seminar: Business Policies & Strategies

Sports Management - 21 Credits

BUS 205 Principles of Management
BUS 350 Introduction to Sports Management
BUS 441 Internship Required
Select 4 of the following courses:
BUS 351 Sports Marketing
BUS 352 Sports Business and Finance
BUS 353 Sports Law
BUS 354 Athletics Administration
BUS 355 Facility Management
BUS 455 Sports Management Seminar
BUS 437 Special Topics (with advisor's approval)

Credit Requirements
A minimum of 125 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in sports management.

Undergraduate Minors
Increase the value of your Bachelor of Science in Sports Management degree by adding an undergraduate minor that best suits your personal and professional goals.

Wondering what your classes might look like as a sports management major? Here’s a glimpse of just a few.

BUS 351 Sport Marketing
This course provides students with basic knowledge and understanding of sport marketing and promotions for the educational, recreational, and professional sport. The components of the course include developing products, sponsorships, special events, fundraising, public relations, promotions, and utilizing radio and television networks.

BUS 353 Sport Law
This application of legal principles is considered in relation to professional and amateur sports. Emphasis is place on tort liabilities and the regulation of sport in a variety of settings. The governance structure of professional and amateur sports organizations will also be discussed.

BUS 355 Facility Management
This course investigates the functions of sports managers in the design, operation, and financing of sports facilities. Students will examine the issues pertaining to management of public and private arenas, stadiums, and multipurpose facilities. Management of temporary facilities for special events will also be considered.

For all Sports Management course descriptions, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Maddie Herman, MsEd
Maddie Herman, MsEd
Instructor, Sports Management
Did You Know? 
Herman has worked for the Philadelphia 76er's and Wells Fargo Center, and ran GMercyU's Intramurals and Recreation program.
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Alan Harper, MBA, PhD
Alan Harper, MBA, PhD

Position: Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Finance and Management programs
Did You Know? Professor Harper has 20 years of management experience and has published more than 15 peer-reviewed articles.
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Margaret Rakus
Margaret Rakus, ABD
Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator of Sports Marketing, Marketing, and Digital Communications programs
Did You Know?
Professor Rakus has held industry positions in marketing and public relations. She holds certifications in Tableau, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and more.
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Melissa Dennis
Melissa Dennis, DBA
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Did You Know?
Dr. Dennis spent 15 years working for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products in customer relationship and customer engagement, supporting Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club, and the Disney Cruise line businesses.
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Luigi Corrado, Jr., CPA, MT
Professor of Practice and Program Coordinator, Accounting
Did You Know?
Professor Corrado spent nearly 20 years in the accounting industry as a financial statement auditor, corporate controller, and senior consultant with a variety of firms.  
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Real-World Opportunities

The Griffin Edge is comprised of five touchpoints -- Excellence, Engagement, Experience, Empathy, and Encouragement -- that become the cornerstones of your Distinctive Mercy Experience as a full-time undergraduate student.

The Griffin Edge includes an e-portfolio for documenting your GMercyU educational and extracurricular experiences (no matter your major), reflecting on those experiences, and receiving feedback from faculty. It's designed to help you take ownership of your educational journey and chart the right career path for you. It will also help you learn how to talk about your college experiences in meaningful ways — and that can make all the difference in a job interview. 

For example, a student might say in a job interview: "I conducted research at the undergraduate level." 

A Griffin Edge student might say: "The opportunity to conduct my own research alongside expert faculty taught me the importance of being exact in my data collection and analysis. I was even able to present my findings at our annual research conference! I know this is the career for me."

Learn more about the Griffin Edge here.

Student internships are a great way to put your skills into practice, enhance your resume with relevant work history, establish a mentoring relationship with a sports professional, and get a first-hand view of the inner workings of the industry. That's why completing an internship is a requirement for this major.

GMercyU has developed internship relationships with area sports establishments in a variety of sizes and settings, including:

  • BucksMont Indoor Sports Center
  • Diamond Nation Sports Complex
  • East Norriton Township Recreation
  • International Sport Training Camp
  • Lancaster Barnstormers
  • Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs
  • LIVE- Wells Fargo Center- Philadelphia 76ers
  • Temple University-Athletic Department

As sports-related interest grows in the U.S. and abroad, the demand for qualified professionals to support teams and individual athletes will also increase. Earning a degree in sports management opens the door for career opportunities and unique experiences. Here are just a few.

Top Jobs for Sports Management Majors

Sports Agent
Description:A sports agent represents his or her athlete client to prospective professional sports teams and also negotiates contract terms and pay with current teams. Agents also manage client promotional opportunities and endorsement agreements, and some agents oversee client taxes and other financial documents.
Degree Requirements:A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary:The average salary for a sports agent in the U.S. is $102,070.

Sports Scout
Description:A sports scout searches for talented high school and college athletes with the intent of recruiting them for teams playing at higher levels. Sports scouts typically spend a great deal of time traveling and often work irregular hours.
Degree Requirements:A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary:The average salary for a sports scout in the U.S. is $36,330.

Sports Event Planner
Description:A sports event planner organizes facility events like themed promotions or meet-and-greet special events with famous athletes. A sports event planner may also oversee giveaways or fan contests.
Degree Requirements:A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary:The average salary for a sports event planner in the U.S. is $51,560.

With a balance of business, management, and marketing principles, GMercyU's BS in sports management degree prepares students for success in a variety of careers in the athletic industry.

Kris Boyd
Kris Boyd ’18

Current Position: Inside Sales Associate, Philadelphia Flyers
Kris was first drawn to GMercyU for its location, small class sizes, and college lacrosse team, and he soon came to appreciate the outstanding faculty support and internship opportunities the University has to offer. Thanks to an academic plan tailored to his goals, Kris was able to graduate a semester early and eventually land a dream job working for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team.

"The Sports Management Program at GMercyU played a huge role in my development as an intellectual. I learned tons of important information that I still utilize on a daily basis."

Learn more about Kris’ GMercyU experience.

Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball ’11

Current Position: Director of Baseball Operations for the Los Angeles Angels
Having played baseball all of his life, Andrew wanted to continue playing in college. Countless recruiting trips led him to GMercyU, which he felt had the right mix of well-rounded education and competitive athletics, and where he found mentors in Professor Mumford and Professor Bruce.

After graduation, he landed a full-time position with the Tampa Bay Rays as an Assistant in Baseball Operations where he worked as a liaison between scouts and the front office for several years. He later took on the role of Director of Baseball Operations for the Los Angeles Angels.

Learn more about Andrew’s GMercyU experience.

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Have you already earned college-level credits at other institutions or accounting colleges? GMercyU makes it easy for you to transfer your credits. Learn how on our Transfer Credits page.

In addition, GMercyU offers dual admissions agreements with Bucks County Community College and Montgomery County Community College — as well as the following articulation agreements.

Bucks County Community College
AA business administration to BS in sports management

Delaware County Community College
AS business administration to BS in sports management

Manor College
AS business administration to BS in sports management

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The BS in sports management program at GMercyU is accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).