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Whether you're interested in applying as an undergraduate student on our Gwynedd Valley campus or as an accelerated/online or graduate student, our Admissions staff can walk you through the process. Give us a call and get started today!


Undergraduate Admissions Staff 
For students seeking an on-campus undergraduate college experience, or an Online/Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA):
800-342-5462 or 215-641-5510 or
Meet the Undergraduate Admissions Staff

Graduate Admissions Staff

Interested in our Master's of Counseling, Master of Science in Education, Doctorate in Education, Master of Science in Nursing, or Doctorate in Nursing programs?
Contact: 844-707-9064 or
Meet the Online/Accelerated (Non-Term) Graduate Admissions Staff

Interested in our Accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing, Weekend Bachelor's of Nursing, and Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing programs?
Contact: 844-707-9359 or
Meet the Online/Accelerated (Non-Term) Graduate Admissions Staff

Interested in our Master of Public HealthMaster of Business Administration, Graduate Business Certificates, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate, or Speech-Language Pathology program?
Contact: 215-641-5541 or    

Interested in or have applied to our Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program?
Contact: Kathy Hosack, Administrative Assistant, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, at 215-542-4699 or

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors

headshot_admissions_aimeehuffstetler.jpgAimee Huffstetler, MA
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment

Call/Text: 215-641-5523

Hello! I’m Aimee Huffstetler and I’m the AVP for Enrollment here at Gwynedd Mercy University. Like you, I recently took part in a college search myself when looking to make the next step in my career. I chose GMercyU for many of the same reasons our students do – the Mercy values, feeling of community, and the opportunity to pursue my passion. I look forward to working with you!

 Wivina ChmuraWivina Chmura, MSEd
Associate Director of Admissions

Call/Text: 215-641-5541   

Wivina recruits for the following programs:

Favorite Admissions Tip:  First and foremost, enjoy the process because college admissions is a process. Be organized. Make a chart for yourself with all of the schools that interest you and note the application, financial aid, and scholarship deadlines. Meet the deadlines!! Lastly, VISIT the campus in person. FEEL if you belong and if the college is a good fit for you.  

headshot_admissions_emmacampbell.jpgEmma Campbell
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Call/Text: 215-641-5529

Emma recruits for transfers in the following programs:

Favorite Admission tip: If the college admissions process feels overwhelming to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Ask questions and do your research, your admissions team is here to help you navigate the process. You’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter, you got this!


headshot_admissions_dankoski.jpgDaniel Koski, M.Ed
Assistant Director of Admissions

Call/Text: 215-542-4609 

Dan recruits first-year students. 

 Favorite Admissions Tip: Don’t stop asking questions, and no idea is ever wrong. College has a “right of passage” sense, but sometimes students can feel alone in that passage. I never want a student to ever feel isolated/alone in their process, I am here to help them through this transformational experience. I am always ready to talk, hear them out, and help them through their journey. And, who doesn’t love college?!

Alexis AlfordAlexis Alford, B.S.
Multicultural Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: 215-641-5514 

Alexis recruits first-year students. 

 Favorite Admissions Tip: Stay focused on what's best for you, whether that's attending a local university so you can be close to home or applying undeclared your first year so you can narrow down a career field that interests you. Explore colleges with an open mind and do not fret the small stuff — that's what we're here for!

Bryan PlonskiBryan Plonski
Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: 215-641-5528 

Bryan recruits first-year students. 

 Favorite Admissions Tip:  Don't forget about scholarships! There's probably one out there for you. No matter how small, every little bit helps. You have to remember books are probably going to be required and an important cost of your college life — spending an hour of your life writing an essay to earn a $500 scholarship is a simple and easy way to potentially pay for them! 

Meet a GMercyU admissions counselor at a high school visit, college fair, or information session. See if we're coming to your area!


Undergraduate Admissions Staff

headshot_admissions_marybethlambert.jpgMarybeth Lambert
Administrative Assistant

Call: 215-646-7300 ext. 480

Marybeth processes your applications and assists the admissions staff with creating files.  

 Favorite Admissions Tip: Don't hesitate to connect your admissions counselor. We are here to answer any questions you may have. No question is insignificant.


headshot_admissions_tinaricci.jpgTina Ricci
Admissions Office Coordinator

Call: 215-641-5510 ext.21510

Tina is the face of Admissions by welcoming new students and their families to GMercyU for tours and information sessions. 

Favorite Admissions Tip: The key is to always plan ahead and build a strong foundation that will open doors to advance in your future.



Online/Accelerated (Non-Term) Graduate Admissions Staff

Lisa Cassano, Enrollment Coordinator 

Morgan Christy, Director of Enrollment 

Christie Crance, Enrollment Representative

John Darbonne, Enrollment Representative

Paz Galusha-Luna, Enrollment Representative

Emma Koch, Enrollment Representative

Dillon Menhardt, Enrollment Representative

Freddy Morales, Enrollment Representative

Elizabeth Oleson, Enrollment Representative

Kirsten Scholer, Enrollment Representative

Abby Tebrock, Enrollment Coordinator 

Kristine White, Enrollment Coordinator

Savanna Wills, Associate Director of Enrollment