Giving to Gwynedd Mercy University’s Annual Fund helps support students

Annual Fund

Every Gift, Every Student, Every Day

The Annual Fund generates nearly $500,000 to offset operational expenses, strengthen academic programs, increase resources for financial aid, and further the mission of Gwynedd Mercy University.

Supporting the Annual Fund is critical to the future growth of the University. Your gifts ensure the best possible educational opportunities for our students through a curriculum of career-oriented programs integrated with liberal arts disciplines.

The Annual Fund Office organizes several initiatives that promote giving:

Alumni Annual Fund Campaign
Student Annual Fund
Parents Fund
Griffin Line


Alumni Giving: The Impact on Many

The Alumni Annual Fund Campaign helps GMercyU to provide students with a transformational educational experience by supporting nearly every facet of our campus from operational expenses to the ever-expanding curriculum that enriches student life.

When you give to the annual fund each year, you:

  • Strengthen your connection with other GMercyU alumni
  • Support our future leaders and the entire Gwynedd Mercy University Community
  • Share a special bond with more than 18,000 other confident and compassionate graduates 
  • Set an example of philanthropy for future alumni
  • Help GMercyU students achieve their goals and make a difference in the world

Alumni participation is not just critical in providing students with financial aid. A successful alumni participation rate keeps Gwynedd Mercy University competitive. Publications like U.S. News & World Report use alumni satisfaction as a factor in their ranking. You demonstrate your satisfaction through your participation in the Annual Fund.

For more information on gift options, including memorial and honor gifts, please contact Mia McGlynn, director of annual giving at or 215-641-5568.

Your time is now: Student Annual Fund

Our students are the heart of GMercyU.  By creating a culture of giving among current students, we can build a sustainable philanthropic support system for GMercyU and the future generations of students who will pass through our hallowed halls.   Take your first step in making a difference today, tomorrow, and year after year by giving to the Student Annual Fund.

Our Student Annual Fund is spearheaded by the GMerycU Student Advancement Council.  Working with the Office of Institutional Advancement, these student leaders deliver peer-to-peer programs that promote the University and highlight the importance of philanthropy.

Why should you give? 
•    96 percent of GMercyU students receive financial aid. The Annual Fund helps provide some of this much-needed financial support.
•    Tuition only covers 80 percent of the cost of providing a GMercyU education
•    Giving to GMercyU enhances the value of your diploma. A Gwynedd Mercy University degree becomes more valuable as the institution grows stronger.
•    College guide publications consider giving participation rates in determining rankings
•    Corporations and foundations consider giving participation rates when granting financial assistance

Make a gift

To make a gift to the Student Annual Fund Campaign or to become a member of the Student Advancement Council, please contact Mia McGlynn, director of annual giving at or 215-641-5568, or make a donation online.

Partners in Success: Parent Annual Fund

The Parents’ Annual Fund was created to bridge the gap between tuition and the real cost of a Gwynedd Mercy University education. As parents, we know how important it is that our children have access to a quality education and a vibrant campus. That’s our top priority too, but we need your help!

As part of the Annual Fund, parents’ gifts provide unrestricted dollars that can immediately be directed to the areas in greatest need. Your support also sets the stage for future parent giving and greatly assists in supporting the success of Gwynedd Mercy University students.

The Parents’ Fund supports:
•    Scholarships and financial aid
•    Building renovations and grounds maintenance
•    Student support services
•    Academic programs
•    Technology improvements

We value your gift of time, as well. We welcome parents to help with our fundraising efforts. Your volunteerism makes GMercyU a success.

Your Vital Connection: The Griffin Line

Through the Griffin Line, GMercyU’s phonathon center, the University reaches out to personally connect with alumni in order to convey important news, gather updated alumni information, and make the case for Annual Fund support – and who better to serve as ambassadors than our students?

The Griffin Line is a year-long effort driven by the enthusiasm and talent of students who gather Sunday through Wednesday evenings. Each student actively maintains ties with alumni and works to increase alumni participation in the Annual Fund.

We train our Griffin Line callers in basic skills and marketing techniques before making their first call. In addition, supervisors offer support and training on a continuous basis.  So, serving as a Griffin Line student not only helps keep the University financially healthy; it helps build students’ career skills.
Members of the Griffin Line calling team:

•    Receive a paycheck
•    Earn performance bonuses and prizes
•    Work on campus
•    Set their own schedules
•    Work evening shifts
•    Dress comfortably
•    Learn valuable job skills
•    Build their resumes
•    Network with alumni

If you are interested in joining our team, please download an application here or contact Mia McGlynn, director of annual giving, at or 215-641-5568.