Sport Management Class Hosts Flag Football Tournament

Flag FootballIn November, 12 students from the Administration and Organization of Sport Operations class within the Sport Management program hosted a Flag Football Tournament. The students organized the tournament to celebrate the 75th anniversary of GMercyU and to support one of the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy: women. Under the direction of Instructor & Program Coordinator Maddie Herman, the students planned and organized the tournament throughout the course of the semester and sought out sponsorships and collaborations with local clubs and organizations.

The tournament was a success, with 75 participants in total and $290 raised. Half of the funds went to the winning team, while the other half was donated to local under-resourced women’s sports teams.

“Administration and Organization of Sport Operations worked together to conceptualize, organize, and put on a flag football tournament for 75 participants for their class event. The most special part for me was watching the class work together on event day to understand how to truly run a sporting event. Putting on a sporting event teaches students much more than what could be done solely in the classroom in developing their sport management skills,” shared Herman.

Flag Football Tournament“As a high school student with my friend coming from a district about an hour away, we thought it was worth the drive. We had lots of fun, the people were super kind, great sport sportsmanship, and great competition,” shared participant Cai Dunn, a junior at Southern Lehigh High School.

“It was a great time during the semester, putting this event together in the classroom and even better being at the event and witnessing the turnout,” said Finance major Anthony Straface ’25.

“The flag football tournament was about being able to go out and play some football with friends. It was organized well and ran smoothly,” shared Dylan Gazda ‘26, sophomore Finance major at GMercyU.