Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Marketing

If you’re considering a business marketing degree, you're in good company. Did you know that one in five presidents or CEOs of America’s top 500 companies were marketing majors?

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, promote a cause, or enter politics, a BS in Marketing degree from Gwynedd Mercy University will prepare you to succeed.

At GMercyU, you will learn about consumer behavior, psychological influences in buying decisions, and ways to attract, maintain, and grow your consumer base through traditional and digital marketing tools and strategies.

You also will explore market research and analytics, advertising, international marketing, and other areas that open the door to opportunities in the diverse and growing marketing field.

The bachelor's in marketing degree program at GMercyU is accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Program Details

4+1 MBA Option, Digital Communications Concentration

4+1 MBA Option

Gwynedd Mercy University makes it easy for our business graduates to earn an advanced degree. With GMercyU's 4+1 MBA program option, students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can earn both a bachelor of science (BS) degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in just five years.

Skip the grad school entrance exams by taking graduate credits during your senior year – as part of your undergraduate tuition – and then seamlessly completing your MBA the following year.  Learn more about GMercyU's 4+1 MBA program.

Digital Communications Concentration

Boost your own marketability with more resume-building skills. This concentration’s courses span digital analytics, mobile content creation, and strategies for digital and social media. You’ll learn how to develop multimedia content for the web and social media, and you’ll have the opportunity to become certified in Google Analytics.

With this concentration, you’ll not only be prepared for a career in marketing, but also for jobs that include enhancing a company’s internal and external communications. You’ll be equipped to help manage and grow a company’s presence on social media and other digital outlets.

While these skills are invaluable for nearly any business, those with a background in marketing with digital communications typically work in website development, advertising, public relations, or marketing, as well as video production and computer animation.

Why Choose GMercyU

Strategic marketing requires you to understand the interplay between marketing and all other business functions, such as finance, supply chain, and management. At GMercyU, we prepare you for that challenge.  

GMercyU’s bachelor's degree (BS) in marketing emphasizes the concepts and methods that drive sales and brand loyalty across all types of non-profit and for-profit businesses. Because we live in an increasingly digital world, our bachelor's degree in marketing program focuses on both traditional and digital marketing channels, including strategies for both website and mobile applications.

As a marketing major, you will choose courses that span the following:

  • Online Management and Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Strategies, including website and mobile marketing, online retailing, and social media marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sports Management
  • Analytics and Visualization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Special Topics (example: Hospitality Marketing and Management)

Real-World, Hands-On Experience

You'll gain hands-on experience in the classroom using technology such as electronic storyboards and other digital marketing tools.

And, you'll have the opportunity to take a course that examines marketing practices from the inside out by completing an in-depth study of a corporation. This will help you better understand the challenges, opportunities, and essential need for integration of marketing with corporate management, human resource management, leadership, global operations, and other areas of business that contribute to a company’s success.

Then, you'll apply what you've learned in the classroom at an internship — a requirement of all GMercyU marketing majors. 

More Marketing Program Highlights

  • Earn certifications, like Google Analytics, Google Ad Display, and Social Media Marketing that will help your resume stand apart and boost your earning potential. Our Marketing majors have a 100% pass rate in these certifications!
  • Participate in GMercyU’s Griffin Student Leadership Institute, designed to develop effective leaders who are also empathetic and ethical. 
  • Learn from experienced faculty (no teaching assistants!) who understand business from the boardroom, not just the classroom. Our low student to faculty ratio of 10:1 means individualized attention, support, and mentorship from your professors.
  • Sharpen key skills that employers look for – critical thinking, communications, and problem solving – skills that have never been more relevant.
  • Study abroad for a global perspective. 
  • The Griffin Edge will help you connect the dots between your GMercyU experiences and your future aspirations, so you can ace future job interviews and launch a successful career. Learn more about the Griffin Edge below. 

And, all marketing majors are required to become members of the American Marketing Association, a professional association for marketing specialists. Qualifying students can also be invited to be a member of Sigma Beta Delta, a lifetime academic honor society for business students.


In addition to general education courses, business marketing degree students complete the following:

Prerequisites - 15 Credits

ACC 105 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 106 Principles of Accounting II
BUS 101 Business Theory
ECN 102 Microeconomics
ECN 103 Macroeconomics

Management Core - 27 credits

BUS 205 Principles of Management
BUS 209 Business Statistics I
BUS 212 International Business
BUS 214 Business Ethics
BUS 230 Business Law
BUS 310 Principles of Finance
BUS 318 Operations Management
BUS 340 Business Statistics II
BUS 4000 Seminar: Business Policies & Strategies Capstone

Marketing Core - 21 credits

BUS 207 Principles of Marketing
BUS 333 Advertising / Digital Promotion Design
BUS 334 Consumer Behavior
BUS 441 Internship

Select three of the following courses:

BUS 407 Marketing Research
BUS 410 Online Marketing and Management
BUS 421 Corporate Studies
BUS 438 Social Media Marketing
BUS 351 Sports Marketing
BUS 437 Special Topics (with advisor approval)

Digital Communications - 12 Credits

COMD 200 Digital Analytics & Visual

Credit Requirement: A minimum of 125 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in marketing.

If choosing the Digital Concentration option, curriculum above will look slightly different.

Undergraduate Minors

Increase the value of your marketing degree by adding an undergraduate minor. GMercyU offers a wide variety of minors so you can choose the one that best meets your personal and professional goals.

Featured Courses

Here’s a closer look at just a few of classes you can take as a marketing major.

BUS 438 Social Media Marketing
An in-depth study of the theories, processes, and application of social media marketing within an organization. The course will explore strategies to build social communities and better understand its opportunities and organizational impact. The concept of a social business will be studied through the analysis of the approaches to implement social technologies. The course will also explore the planning and implementation processes of social business initiatives.

BUS 410 Online Management and Marketing
This course presents theories and applications necessary to develop and manage online digital strategies. Topics include an introduction to e-marketing strategies, e-mail marketing, online advertising, affiliate Marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media strategies, crowd sourcing, viral marketing, online reputation management, web public relations, web site design and development theories, web analytics and conversion optimization, mobile marketing strategies and customer experience management.

BUS 421 Corporate Studies
This course provides students the opportunity to complete an in-depth study of a service corporation, or several service corporations, to better understand the integration that is required in management practices within a corporate business structure. The course will focus on the challenges, opportunities, and integration of corporate management, administration, marketing, human resource management, leadership and, as applicable, global operations and management. Corporations that have been studied include Walmart, Toyota, Starbucks, and Disney.

For all Marketing program course descriptions, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

In addition to courses that dive deeply into all major facets of marketing, GMercyU’s Marketing program also helps you learn the connection between marketing and other areas of successful business by offering you a foundation in the following:

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
Meet the Faculty

Ralph Hoffman, EdD

Position: Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Marketing, Management, Sports Management Programs
Did You Know? Professor Hoffman has received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has owned a small business, and he is certified in Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Display Ads, and Google Measurements. A Disney fan, he often uses Disney as a case study in his classes. He is a long-time member of the American Marketing Association.

Learn More

Margaret Rakus

Position: Assistant Professor, Digital Communications
Did You Know? Professor Rakus has held industry positions in marketing and public relations. She holds certifications in Tableau, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and more.

Learn More

Alan Harper, MBA, PhD

Position: Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Accounting and Finance Programs
Did You Know? Professor Harper has 20 years of management experience and has published more than 15 peer-reviewed articles. 

Learn More

Ron Bruce, MBA

Position: Associate Professor, Accounting
Did You Know? Professor Bruce has been awarded the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching.  

Learn More


Real-World Opportunities

The Griffin Edge

The Griffin Edge is comprised of five touchpoints -- Excellence, Engagement, Experience, Empathy, and Encouragement -- that become the cornerstones of your Distinctive Mercy Experience as a full-time undergraduate student.

The Griffin Edge includes an e-portfolio for documenting your GMercyU educational and extra-curricular experiences (no matter your major), reflecting on those experiences, and receiving feedback from faculty. It's designed to help you take ownership of your educational journey and chart the right career path for you. It will also help you learn how to talk about your college experiences in meaningful ways — and that can make all the difference in a job interview. 

For example, a student might say in a job interview: "I conducted research at the undergraduate level." 

A Griffin Edge student might say: "The opportunity to conduct my own research alongside expert faculty taught me the importance of being exact in my data collection and analysis. I was even able to present my findings at our annual research conference! I know this is the career for me."

Learn more about the Griffin Edge here.

Internship Opportunities

To make your transition from the classroom to the workplace as smooth as possible, GMercyU requires marketing majors to complete a relevant internship during their junior or senior year. Not only will you gain valuable networking connections and relevant work experience for your resume, your internship might land you a full-time position after you graduate.

GMercyU marketing students have recently completed internships at these organizations and more: 

  • American Pool Service
  • Art of Living Print Media
  • Back on My Feet
  • Educere 
  • MMIT (Managed Markets Insight & Technology)
  • Radius Health
  • Source One
  • The Disney Company
Career Opportunities

Part of our marketing degree's appeal is its versatility. You'll be qualified for an entry-level position in an array of careers. And with employment growth rate faster than the national average (per the Bureau of Labor Statistics), you’ll enter a field with opportunity. Here’s a look at a few specific career paths.

Top Jobs for Marketing Majors

Marketing Manager
Description: These professionals play a critical role in business, inspiring interest in services or products, identifying potential new customers, developing pricing strategies, monitoring market trends, and more.
Degree Requirements: A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary: The median annual wage in the U.S. is $142,170.*

Marketing Research Analyst
Description: Studying the market, marking research analysts collect and analyze data to help companies understand what consumers want and what they’re willing to pay for those products or services.
Degree Requirements: A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary: The median annual wage in the U.S. is $65,810.

Sales Manager
Description: A sales manager oversees a company’s sales team, from hiring and managing staff to designating sales goals, and they are responsible for their team’s success. These positions often require travel.
Degree Requirements: A bachelor’s degree
Average Salary: The median annual wage in the U.S. is $132,290.

More Possible Careers for Marketing Majors

  • Advertising and promotions manager
  • Brand manager
  • Chief marketing officers (CMO)
  • Communications assistant
  • Creative director
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Email marketer
  • International marketing specialist
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing assistant
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing director
  • Marketing planner
  • Marketing specialist
  • Meeting, convention, and event planner
  • Mobile marketing specialist
  • Product manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manager
  • Sales representative
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Vice president of marketing

*Some of these careers may require additional education or certifications. This is only a partial list and not meant to limit you.

Griffin Success Stories

At GMercyU, we’ve designed our marketing degree with the goals of giving marketing majors the best student experience possible for future career success.  

Taylor Gerstlauer ’18

Current Position: Senior District Manager, ADP Total Source

Taylor transferred to GMercyU as an Education major but soon realized that teaching wasn’t her passion and switched her major to Marketing. In one of her classes she became certified in Google Analytics, which helped her land a critical internship at a company called Source One. After graduation, she accepted a job at ADP Total Source and has already begun climbing the ladder, earning a promotion to Senior District Manager.  

"The company was so impressed with my Google Analytics Certification that they ended up hiring me.”

Learn more about Taylor’s experience.

Read more Griffin Success Stories.


Next Steps

Marketing Viewbook

Learn more about what it’s like to be a Marketing major and our other Business programs by exploring our viewbook

Transfer Opportunities

Have you already earned college-level credits at other institutions? GMercyU makes it easy for you to transfer your credits. Just submit your transcript and course description to the Registrar, who will determine whether the course counts towards the credits required for graduation. Learn more on our Transfer Credits page.

In addition, GMercyU has articulation agreements with the colleges below — as well as dual admissions agreements with Montgomery County Community College and Bucks County Community College.

Bucks County Community College
AA business administration to BS in marketing

Delaware County Community College
AS business administration to BS in marketing

Harcum College
AS business administration to BS in marketing

Manor College
AS business administration to BS in marketing

Admission Requirements

Have questions about GMercyU's admissions requirements? Contact us! Our Admissions staff is ready to help you get started on your path to earning your bachelor's degree in marketing degree.

Phone: 215-641-5510

Financial Aid, Tuition & Fees

At GMercyU, we strive to make a quality education accessible to all through financial aid, scholarships, and grants. As a military-friendly university, we welcome service members and participate in all VA educational benefits programs. 

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