Psychology Major - BA or BS Psychology Programs

Understand Why People Do What They Do

GMercyU offers you an opportunity to join one of the most influential careers in modern science and to challenge yourself personally and intellectually through a rigorous and rewarding psychology degree program in PA.

A degree in psychology allows you to work in myriad fields with limitless opportunities for continued education and job growth. You will study human behavior and the human mind using academic texts as well as professional research designed to describe, explain, predict and control human motivation and decisions.

The GMercyU Difference

At GMercyU, you can choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS). Each academic track within both of psychology programs provides you with a solid foundation in each of the important study areas of psychology, including human development, abnormal psychology, research methods, social psychology, and experimental psychology. As a top psychology college in PA, Gwynedd Mercy University can help you achieve your career goals in the psychology field.

To earn your BA in Psychology, you will need two semesters (six credits) of coursework in a foreign language. To earn your BS in Psychology, you will need to complete nine credits within the natural and computational sciences.

You will enjoy excellent research and professional development opportunities as a psychology major, including the ability to participate in faculty-led research where you will develop and execute your own research projects before you graduate. This area of emphasis in both of our psychology programs will help you:

  • Learn how to organize, design, and carry out original research protocols so that you are fully prepared for your future career or for graduate-level study
  • Present your findings at conferences and in other professional settings
  • Receive professional development guidance from faculty
  • Attend at least one professional conference before you graduate so you can ask questions and receive feedback

Setting Yourself Apart in the Psychology Program

As a psychology major, you can use your electives to take courses in specific areas of study, such as forensic psychology and adolescent psychology. You also can take courses in other disciplines. For example, if you wish to work with people in the corrections system, you might take criminal justice or criminology courses along with your psychology coursework. Or if you wish to go to medical school, you can take pre med courses to help prepare you. Similarly, if you are interested in working in the sports industry, you could take courses from within our Sports Management major.

Undergraduate Minors

Increase the value of your degree by adding an undergraduate minor. GMercyU offers a wide variety of minors so you can choose the one that best meets your personal and professional goals.


In addition to general education requirements, you will need to complete the following courses as a psychology major:

Required  Courses -  48 Credits 

PSY 111 Statistics 
PSY 150   Social Psychology 
PSY 200    Developmental Psychology
PSY 210  Abnormal Psychology
PSY 211 Fundamentals of Biopsychology
PSY 312  Research Methods 
PSY 314 Ethical Issues in Behavioral/Social Science 
PSY 320  Experimental Psychology
PSY 322 Psychology of Personality
PSY 370   History of Psychology
PSY 435 Psychology Practicum
PSY 4000 Capstone
PSY        Choose 4 Electives 

Credit Requirement

A minimum of 125 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in psychology.  To earn your BA in Psychology, you will need two semesters (six credits) of coursework in a foreign language; for a BS degree, you will need to complete nine credits within the natural and computational sciences.

See the undergraduate catalog (PDF) for more information and course descriptions.


Internship Opportunities

While you work toward your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Bachelor of Science in Psychology as a psychology major at GMercyU, you will complete at least one three-credit internship. In the past, our students have completed internships at:

  • Women’s Center of Montgomery County
  • Project Home: Jon Bon Jovi Souls Homes
  • Penn Foundation
  • Mind of the Athlete
  • The Training Room

You can also take the opportunity to collaborate with professors on their research. Associate Professor Rebecca Gullan and some students researched the value of mentoring relationships, and how strong mentors can make a difference to students. Their work culminated in a blog post, Mentors That Matter, that appeared on The Academic Minute.

Transfer Opportunities

In addition to accepting transfer credits for other accredited psychology colleges and universities, Gwynedd Mercy University has an articulation agreement with Manor College, making it easier for you to turn an associate degree in liberal arts from Manor into a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from GMercyU.

Manor College AA Liberal Arts to BA/BS Psychology 

Our Outstanding Faculty

Career Outcomes

A bachelor's degree in Psychology not only opens the door to employment in a wide array of organizations and industries, but it's also a perfect stepping stone for graduate study.

Possible careers for psychology majors

•    Drug and alcohol treatment
•    Family counseling
•    Clinical psychology
•    Social work
•    Community service management
•    Corrections

•    Education
•    Advocacy
•    Public relations
•    Sales
•    Politics
*Some of these careers may require additional education.

*This is only a partial list and not meant to limit you.


Where our graduates work after graduation

•    Warwick Family Services
•    Northwestern Human Services
•    Lenape Valley Foundation

•    Montgomery County Emergency Services
•    Bethany Christian Services