John Gunn, PhD

Assistant Professor

John Gunn received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stockton University, his master’s degree in psychology from Rutgers University-Camden, and his doctoral degree in Family Science & Human Development from Montclair State University. Before joining the faculty at Gwynedd Mercy University, Gunn served as an adjunct instructor at Montclair State University and as a postdoctoral associate with the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center at Rutgers University.  

His research interests can be classified into four inter-related domains. The first focuses on the exploration of theoretical models to understand suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The second domain focuses on understanding the risk and protective factors that contribute to the development of suicidal thoughts and behaviors (such as gun ownership or social connectedness), especially across different developmental periods. The third domain focuses more broadly on the impact of negative social interactions and perceptions (such as relational aggression, bullying, ostracism) on health outcomes which includes, but is not limited to, psychopathology and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Finally, the fourth domain focuses on population level factors that influence suicide (such as the impact of high-profile suicide deaths).   

In addition to his research, Gunn serves on the editorial board of Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for a number of professional journals.  

He co-edited the book Perspectives on a Young Woman's Suicide: A Study of a Diary, due to be released on December 22, 2021.

Follow him on Twitter at @JGUNNIII.