GMercyU Partnership with Bryn Mawr College

Gwynedd Mercy University has partnered with The Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR) at Bryn Mawr College to offer a pathway for GMercyU Psychology majors to enroll in the Master of Social Service (MSS) program at Bryn Mawr.

Only GMercyU students majoring in Psychology will be eligible for the articulation program. For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, enrollment of GMercyU graduates into this program will be capped at a maximum of five. Selection of students is at the discretion of GSSWSR and will be based on a holistic review of an applicants accomplishments at GMercyU.

Students selected for the program will be eligible to receive a 40% tuition scholarship. Bryn Mawr will waive up to three GSSWSR courses for each person with a 3.3 GPA or higher from GMercyU accepted for admission. These will be in the form of on foundation level research course, one foundation level theory course, and one elective.