GMercyU's Mercy Leaders

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Our distinguished faculty and staff experts are known as Mercy Leaders, and they're ready to help! We hope to inform the public and the media of GMercyU's distinguished faculty and staff achievements, most current research, and activities, as well as expanding the general visibility of the University.

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Our Mercy Leaders
Laraine Amoia-Watters Nursing Medical/Surgical Trauma Unit; Complementary and Integrative Therapies; Health Assessment; Service Learning
Melissa Ash Respiratory Care Adult Critical Care; Neonatal Pediatric; Sleep Disorders; Asthma Education
Patricia Brown-O'Hara Nursing Nursing; Medical/Surgical; Home Care; Rehabilitation; Long-term Nursing Care; Academic Coaching
Cindy Casey Computer Information Science (CIS) Computer Information Science; Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity; Digital Forensics; Web Design; Networking; Stenography
Robert Clewis Philosophy Kant; German Philosophy; Aesthetics
Michael Clinton History European and World History; Peace History
Carol Evans Music Music; Music Therapy
Joy Fox Radiologic Technology Radiologic Technology; MRIs, Mammography; CT (Cat Scan); Medical Laboratory Science
Stephanie Fratantaro Psychology Counseling and Interpersonal Relations; Group Dynamics; Mental Health and Nonviolence; Mental Wellness and Student Empowerment; Community Based and Engaged Learning in Higher Education; General Education; High-Impact Practices in Higher Education; Suicide Prevention; Interpersonal Violence Prevention
Barb Schuster Respiratory Care Patient Assessment; Cardiac and Pulmonary Physiology; Hemodynamic Monitoring
William Solly Respiratory Care Respiratory Care; Pulmonary Diagnostics; Bronchoscopy
Melissa Thornborough Respiratory Care Patient Assessment; Adult Critical Care; Asthma Education
Rebecca Gullan Psychology Psychology; Empowerment; Civic Engagement; Mentorship; Identity Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
John Gunn Psychology Suicide and Self-Harm Broadly; Link Between Firearms and Suicide; Suicide Among LGBTQ+ Populations; Theories of Suicide
Mary Hermann Nursing Nursing, Service-learning, Student Engagement Activities
Meredith Hoch-Oescher Student Services Student Services
Stacey Lettini Biology Biology; Ecology; Microbiology; Parasites and Microbial Diversity
Wade Luquet Social Work Social Work; Marriage and Family Therapy
Pamela Lynn Nursing Nursing; Oncology; Nursing Education
Mindy MacRone-Wojton Occupational Therapy School-based Occupational Therapy; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Developmental Disabilities; Trauma Informed Care; Mental and Behavioral Health
Michelle McEliece Biology Biology; Genetics; Drosophila Embryogenesis; Cellular Aging; Cancer; Molecular Biology
Patrick McGrain Criminal Justice Criminal Justice; Drug Addiction and Treatment; Sexual Deviance; Classification of Sex Offenders
Thomas Mernar Occupational Therapy Occupational Science; Geriatric Occupational Therapy; Research
Janice Nuss Social Work Social Work; Behavioral Health; Developmental Disabilities; Importance of Field Education in Social Work; Trauma Informed Care; Global Learning
Victory Osezua Public Health Public Health; Refugee and Immigrant Health; Social Justice; Youth Development
Michele Peterson Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy; Pediatrics
Lorraine Phillips Criminal Justice Criminal Justice; Stalking; Sexual Harassment; Domestic Violence; Immigration Laws
Lorraine Quarles Radiation Therapy Radiation Therapy; Dosimetry
Margaret Rakus Digital Communications Digital Communications; Marketing; Social Media
Deb Schadler Education Education; Special Education; Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jane Tang Nursing Nursing workforce; Nursing Job Satisfaction; Nurse Retention; Turnover
Rose Troutman Radiation Therapy Radiation Therapy
Sharla Willis Public Health Public Health; Maternal and Child Health; Public Health Curriculum Building