Second Semester Freshman (Spring or Fall Start)

Transfer students with 24 transferable college credits may complete the degree in 3 ½ years. These students may start either in the fall or spring semester depending on which courses are being transferred in. 

Transfer students with 24 or more college credits will be directly admitted to the Nursing program with a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 with A’s and B’s in math and science courses.


Sophomore Start  (Fall Start Only)

Please note: You will need to have completed either Anatomy and Physiology I and II to graduate within three academic years in our transfer nursing program. Beginning with the Fall 2020 enrollment cycle, students transferring into the BSN program must have completed these science courses within the last seven years. Science courses must have included a lab component, which was completed in the classroom or online with a kit. Virtual labs are not accepted.

July 15, 2024: Last day to apply
July 22, 2024: Last day to submit application admission materials
July 29, 2024: Last day to submit acceptance deposit (non-refundable)
September 2, 2024: Due date for completion of clearance compliances

Transfer students with 32-45 transferable credits, including Anatomy & Physiology I and II, may complete the degree in 3 years. These students will start in the fall semester.


Fast-Track Transfer Summer Start

Finish your BSN degree in two years, plus one summer. Transfer students with at least 45 qualifying transferable credits with a competitive GPA may be invited to enter and complete a Summer Fast-Track program of 14 credits in nursing. Once you have successfully passed all summer courses, you may progress to junior year and start in the fall to complete the degree in 2 years. This option allows you to earn your BSN in just one summer and two years provided you meet the following requirements.

Students interested in this option should apply for Fall 2024 and notify their transfer counselor that they are interested in being evaluated for this program. 

  • Cumulative college GPA of 3.5 with A’s and B’s in math and science courses

Have questions?  A GMercyU Transfer Admissions Counselor will be happy to speak with you!

 You will need to have taken the following courses to be eligible for this option.

PSY 100 Intro to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
MTH 103 Fundamentals of Mathematics
(or its equivalent math above the 100 level)
3 credits
CHM 111 Chemistry for Allied Health Professions 3 credits
CHM 111L Chemistry for Allied Health Professions Lab 1 credit
BIO 107 Anatomy & Physiology I 3 credits
BIO 107L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1 credit
BIO 108 Anatomy & Physiology II 3 credits
BIO 108L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1 credits
BIO 121 Microbiology for Health Sciences
(must include a Lab component)
3 credits
NUT 200 Principles of Nutrition
(must be taught by registered or licensed dietician)
3 credits


Interested in transferring from Bucks County Community College? As of spring 2023, here are the current equivalent BCCC classes for those listed in the "Course Requirements" tab above.

GMercyU Course BCCC Equivalent
PSY 100 PSY 110
PSY 200 PSY 181
MTH 103 MTH 103
CHM 111 CHM 101 & CHM 102 
BIOL 107 BIOL 181
BIOL 108 BIOL 182
BIO 121 BIOL 228
NUT 200 HLTH 121

Interested in transferring from Camden County College? As of spring 2023, here are the current equivalent Camden County classes for those listed in the "Course Requirements" tab above.

GMercyU Course Camden County Equivalent
PSY 100 PSY 101
PSY 200 PSY 109
MTH 103 any college math class
CHM 111 CHM 101 & CHM 102 (need both) or CHML 151
BIOL 107 BIOL 211
BIOL 108 BIOL 212
BIO 121 BIO 221
NUT 200 FNS 107

Interested in transferring from the Community College of Philadelphia? As of spring 2023, here are the current equivalent CCP classes for our course requirements listed in the tab above.

GMercyU Course CCP Equivalent
PSY 100 PSY 101
PSY 200 PSY 215
MTH 103 MATH 123
CHM 111 CHEM 110
BIOL 107 BIOL 109
BIOL 108 BIOL 110
BIO 121 BIOL 241
NUT 200 DIET 111

Interested in transferring from Delaware County Community College? As of spring 2023, here are the current equivalent DCCC classes for those listed in the "Course Requirements" tab above.

GMercyU Course DCCC Equivalent
PSY 100 PSY 140
PSY 200 PSY 210
MTH 103 any fundamentals of Math class, must be collegiate level
CHM 111 CHE 101 & CHE 102 (need both courses)
BIOL 107 BIOL 150 and lab
BIOL 108 BIOL 151 and lab
BIO 121 BIOL 230
NUT 200 BIO 220 (taught by RD)

Interested in transferring from Montgomery County Community College? As of spring 2023, here are the current equivalent MCCC classes for those listed in the "Course Requirements" tab above.

GMercyU Course MCCC Equivalent
PSY 100 PSY 101
PSY 200 PSY 206
MTH 103 MAT 103
CHM 111 CHM 121 & CHM 122
BIOL 107 BIOL 131
BIOL 108 BIOL 132
BIO 121 BIO 140
NUT 200 ESW 206

Courses included in the Summer Fast-Track program include the following:

NUR 208 Introduction to Professional Nursing (2 credits)
NUR 209 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice (4 credits)
NUR 212 Health Assessment in Nursing (3 credits)
NUR 219 Nursing Medication and Mathematics (1 credit)
NUR 324 Pathophysiology and Pharmacological Concepts (4 credits)


  • Summer Tuition Costs
    • Students accepted into our Summer BSN option will be offered a special summer tuition rate, which will substantially lower the cost of your summer courses!
    • Summer 2025 rates will be posted here in December 2024 or early January 2025.

  • The summer fast-track program begins in mid-May and ends in mid-August. Students in this program must successfully complete all of the 14 nursing credits as well as all required pre-requisites course requirements to be able to begin as a junior in the fall semester.

  • All compliance (background checks, fingerprints, immunization and vaccine records, etc.) documentation should be completed by mid-May of 2025. All compliances must be completed in order for students to attend their course required clinical experiences in NUR 209 Fundamentals of Nursing Practice.

  • Students will receive a separate invitation letter into this program with a deposit deadline of April 15th. To accept this invitation, students can deposit their $200 non-refundable place-holding deposit.
Please note: Students enrolling in the programs above must have the ability to obtain a U.S. background check and other clearances for placement in a U.S. clinical/school setting. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is also a requirement for licensure within certain academic programs. International students and students who are under DACA status or are undocumented should carefully review the licensure requirements in their state before enrolling in a degree program that leads to licensure. Additional information can be found on the National Conference of State Legislatures website


Nursing Transfer Application Materials

You will need to submit the following materials:

  • A completed application (no application fee required!)
  • Final, official high school transcript if you have 23 or fewer college credits
  • Official transcripts from each college you attended
  • 1 letter of recommendation (optional - not required)

*Official transcripts may be submitted electronically by your high school counselor, or via Naviance or Parchment. Or, send them to this address, with all other necessary documents to:

Office of Admissions
Gwynedd Mercy University
1325 Sumneytown Pike
P.O. Box 901
Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437

GMercyU has a rolling admissions policy. You should receive an admissions decision within a couple of weeks after submitting your completed application. Have any questions about applying? Contact us!

Will My Nursing Credits Transfer?

We offer course equivalency guides with area community colleges to streamline your path to a BSN degree. Learn more about how you can transfer your nursing college credits to GMercyU.

You can also contact us to review how your nursing transfer credits fit with our nursing degree program requirements. Begin the nursing transfer process today!

Vaccine Requirement 

When applying to the nursing program, please know that students who are required to participate in clinicals in order to graduate will be required to show proof of vaccination in order to report to their site locations. These vaccines may include COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, flu vaccines, etc. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find clinical placements for students seeking religious exemptions, as most clinical sites do not accept them. Students who choose not to be vaccinated may not be able to complete these degree program requirements, preventing you from graduating with a BSN.

Contact Admissions

Have questions about how to apply to GMercyU as a transfer student or to learn which of your nursing credits will transfer? Our specially trained transfer admissions counselor is ready to help you!

Wivina Chmura, Associate Director of Admissions
Call: 215-641-5541
Text: 215-201-4070

Ask Wivina a question or schedule an appointment with her!