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About Computer Information Science
Develop CIS Skills

About Computer Information Science

Gwynedd Mercy University’s bachelor's degree in Computer Information Science is built on a core curriculum of mathematical theory and problem-solving. Our bachelor's in computer science incorporates programming, web design/multimedia, networking, architecture, and database design and administration to provide you with the level of skill needed to compete in this influential and in-demand field. As a computer science major, you can aspire to pursue a career as a software engineer, a web developer, or even a systems administrator.

Develop CIS Skills That Can Help Change the World

Computer science degrees are focused on an expanding field which focuses on the software development and the practical uses of software in today's society. Gwynedd Mercy University’s bachelor of science in computer science allows you to choose a focus on business, computer forensics, and web design & multimedia. Built on a core curriculum of theory and problem solving, GMercyU's computer science program will prepare you for careers in a variety of industries, including computer analyst, systems programmer, network administrator, and web designer.

Computer Science Concentrations


Make yourself more marketable in today’s competitive business world

With courses in business disciplines, such as accounting, marketing or management, you will extend your CIS degree toolkit to include skills today’s businesses want and need. Choosing a concentration in Business will give you important insight into how businesses operate.

Computer Forensics

CSI Philadelphia

Our Computer Forensics option is the result of a joint effort between the Computer Information Science program and the Criminal Justice program. In this CIS major concentration, you will focus on crime scene investigation and cybercrime. 

Web Design & Multimedia

Stay Ahead of the Curve in this Growing Field

From computer graphics to interactive multimedia and e-publishing, a concentration in Web Design & Multimedia within the CIS degree will help you develop the skills you need to land a position in this growing field.

The GMercyU Difference

When you pursue a BS degree in Computer Information Science at GMercyU, you will enjoy small classes, lots of hands-on experience, and close interaction with dedicated faculty. Computer information systems technology evolves quickly, so we’ve designed our CIS program to adapt quickly to the latest shifts and advances in technology. That’s how we became one of the first computer science schools in the region to integrate mobile application development into our core curriculum.

So, if you’re looking for Computer Information Science schools in PA, Gwynedd Mercy University is an excellent choice. As a CIS major here, you will:

  • Enjoy greater individual attention with our low student-faculty ratio
  • Take courses taught by professors who are experts in their fields
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience with the latest computer information systems technology, including mobile applications development
  • Gain access to additional academic support and opportunities through our E-STEM program for students in Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Information Science majors
  • Save money: E-STEM participation may also make you eligible for National Science Foundation-funded scholarships of $3,000 or $8,000 a year.
  • Earn your computer science degree from a from an innovative CIS school that is constantly adapting to the changing technology landscape

Undergraduate Minors in Computer Science

Increase the value of your computer science degree by adding an undergraduate minor. GMercyU offers a wide variety of minors so you can choose the one that best meets your personal and professional goals.

Learn More

A computer science degree opens the door for a multitude of job opportunities. See what careers computer science majors are pursuing on our page, "What Can I Do With a Computer Science Degree?"


In addition to completing your general education courses, you will need to complete the following curriculum for CIS majors: 

Major Requirements – 48 Credits

CIS 104  Programming I
CIS 110 Information Systems
CIS 114  Web Design I
CIS 203 Systems Analysis & Design
CIS 204 Programming II
CIS 215 Intro to Relational Databases
CIS 230 Intro to Networking
CIS 301 Algorithms and Data Structures
CIS 304 Event-Driven Programming
CIS 321 Computer Organization
CIS 325  Database Admin & Security* 
CIS 330  Network Admin & Security
CIS 410 Operating Systems
CIS 420 Mobile Applications Development
CIS   Elective 
CIS 4000 Capstone
*CIS 325 is required for Business Option, but elective for other options.

Credit Requirement
A minimum of 126 credits is required to complete your Bachelor’s Degree in CIS.

To review computer science major course descriptions, please refer to the undergraduate catalog (PDF).


Computer Science Concentrations

Business Concentration – 15 Credits

ACC 105   Principles of Accounting I
ACC 106 Principles of Accounting II
BUS 101 Introduction to Business
BUS Elective
BUS Elective


Computer Forensics Concentration – 12 Credits

CIS 240 Cybercrime – 3 Credits
CRJ 102 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 405 Criminal Investigations
CRJ 320 Forensics CSI

Web Design & Multimedia Concentration - 15 Credits

CIS 424 Web Design II
CIS 350 Multimedia I
CIS 450 Multimedia II
COM 202 Visual Communication
COM 205 Media Technology

Internship Opportunities for CIS Majors

Internship opportunities for GMercyU's computer science college students are plentiful. Some places students have interned or worked in the past include:

  • IMS Health
  • GMercyU Office of IT
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical
  • BMW Automotive, Germany
  • BISYS Financial
  • GMAC Financial
  • IBM
  • Lockheed-Martin Aerospace
  • MBNA Financial
  • Merck & Company Pharmaceuticals
  • NCO Group
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Siemens
  • Vanguard Financial
  • Cap Index, Inc.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical
  • Blue Cross Insurance
  • Hewlett Packard Computers
  • L’Oréal Cosmetics
  • McNeil Laboratories Pharmaceutical
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Neoware Systems
  • Rohm & Hass Chemical
  • Social Security Administration
  • U.S. Navy
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Opportunities for CIS Transfer Students

In addition to accepting transfer credits for other accredited institutions and computer science colleges, Gwynedd Mercy University has articulation agreements with Montgomery County and Bucks County Community Colleges, making it easier for you to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science from GMercyU.

Bucks County Community College
AA in CIS to BS in computer information science 
AA in CIS to BS in CIS-forensics 

Our Outstanding Faculty

Career Outcomes

A bachelor's degree in computer information science will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities in this competitive and versatile field.

Possible careers for computer information science majors

  • Analyst / Programmer
  • Applications Programmer
  • Artificial Intelligence Programmer
  • Biometrician / Biostatistician
  • Computer Aided Designer Software Engineering Specialist
  • Computer Animator
  • Computer Applications Engineer
  • Computer Consultant
  • Computer Engineer
  • Computer Facilities Manager
  • Installation and Test Specialist
  • Computer Marketing / Sales
  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Service Technician
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Data Base Analyst or Manager
  • Data Communications Analyst
  • Data Control Administrator
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Database Manager/Administrator
  • Distribution Manager
  • Educator / Trainer
  • End-User Computing Manager
  • End-User Technician
  • Hardware Salesperson
  • Hardware Service Person

•    Information Systems Application
•    Information Systems Manager
•    Internet Developer
•    Internet Marketing Analyst
•    LAN Manager
•    Logistics Manager
•    Media Center Manager
•    Network Administrator / Manager
•    Online Services Manager
•    Operating Systems Programmer
•    PC Support Specialist
•    Software Development Specialist
•    Software Package Marketer
•    Software Support Specialist
•    Software Support Technician
•    Systems Administrator
•    Systems Analyst Consultant
•    Systems Programmer
•    Systems Technical Manager
•    Technical Sales Representative
•    Technical Support Representative
•    Technology Consultant
•    User Support Analyst
•    Web Master

* Some of these careers may involve acquiring additional education.
*This is only a partial list and not meant to limit you.

Where our graduates work after graduation

•    IMS Health
•    GMercyU Office of IT
•    University of Pennsylvania Health System
•    Prudential Financial
•    Motorola Mobility
•    RightClick Computers
•    McKay Technologies and Solutions
•    CAP Index

•    National Comprehensive Vancer Network
•    Cape Cod Community College
•    High Point Solutions
•    iBall Magazine
•    Farmers Insurance
•    eBay
•    Harte Hanks