Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By GMercyU's Computer Information Science program 

Artificial intelligence is no longer a story line from some futuristic science fiction movie. AI technology is already here, it is a part of our everyday lives and is impacting every industry.

This is why GMercyU's Computer Information Science program has launched a new concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We realize how important it is to stay on top of the current technologies and industry trends. Artificial intelligence can be described as the ability of a machine to learn similarly to the way a human does, through data and experiences. However, a computer is capable of processing data at a much faster rate than a human can.

So how is artificial intelligence impacting industries and what does this mean for the current job market? Let's take a look.


AI applications in healthcare enable doctors to predict illnesses and determine the best course of treatment based on the patient's health history. Some AI systems are more accurate than humans at certain tasks such as recognizing cancerous lesions in radiology images, a difficult task for the human eye. Surgical robots are also embedded with AI allowing surgeons to operate with precision and with minimal invasive incisions. AI algorithms were even used during the COVID-19 pandemic to track the spread of the virus.

The automation of healthcare is advancing and there will be a demand for artificial intelligence developers who are skilled in these technologies.


The retail industry has also embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning with technologies like predictive marketing strategies. You may have experienced this if you use Amazon, Netflix, or Spotify. Every time a product, movie, or song is recommended, it is based off your previous searches and viewing habits. These algorithm-based systems collect your data and learn from your behavior.

One of the more recent AI trends in retail is augmented reality. Augmented reality allows users to interact with a real-world environment virtually. It is this technology that enables shoppers to try on clothing in a virtual flitting room or shop for eyeglasses using mobile devices.


Because of AI technologies, this industry will continue to experience upward trends in thematic investing, a strategy which enables investors to make decisions based on current trends instead of market history.

An algorithm called the Banker's Algorithm determines if an applicant is eligible for a loan, while other algorithms are used to detect unusual patterns to identify fraudulent activities.


AI and ML technologies used by professional sports organizations and companies include intelligent analytics, training regimens, equipment advances, player selection, improvement plans, and game day coaching.

For my former company, Autonomous Sports Systems, I developed a system that used motion recognition to identify flaws in baseball or golf swings which then offered recommendations for improvement.

GMercyU's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professional Option

Students enrolled in GMercyU's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concentration will be introduced to the theories, algorithms, and processes behind these technologies. Students are also provided with opportunities to design, program, and build their own applications. At GMercyU, you will learn how a computer system can see, recognize, and decide to take some action. You will be provided with hands-on experiences developing systems so you, too, can create robotic applications using some of the same technologies found in autonomous vehicles or unmanned drones.

Because machines learn from data, students will be instructed on how to properly gather, inspect, and cleanse data before using it to train their models. Students will coordinate the collection of data and determine if they do not have enough for the specific project they are working on. Data mining and analytics are also covered.

As students move through the program, they will be encouraged to explore, question, and discuss the ethical issues introduced by artificial intelligence and machine learning. In other words, just because we can doesn't mean we always should. GMercyU AI students will explore how to ensure that these intelligent machines will serve humanity well and not cause harm.

After completing GMercyU's AI/ML program, students will be well prepared for graduate school or to begin their careers as Artificial Intelligence Engineers (sometimes referred to as a Machine Learning Engineers) who make an average of $164,769 and as high as $304,500.

Other job opportunities for graduates of the program include, but are not limited to, machine learning researchers, business intelligence, data analysts, and computer vision engineers. AI-related job growth is expected to increase from 5% to 18% per year, according to Computer Science Degree Hub.