Meet Emma Spangler

Marketing, 2023

Current Marketing Student

Journey to GMercyU

After graduating Souderton Area High School in 2017, Emma Spangler attended Montgomery County Community College. She first heard about GMercyU from her mom, who is an alumna of the University. When it was time to transfer, Emma was initially set to attend a larger state school, but, in the end, decided that GMercyU would be the better fit.

"I love that GMercyU is a smaller university and I tend to thrive in smaller settings. I like to form personal connections with students and professors that are meaningful, rather than just being a number on a roster in a large university," Emma said.

Experience in the Marketing Program

Emma plans to graduate from GMercyU in 2023 with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She has decribed her experience in the program so far as "amazing," and explains that "faculty in the department do a phenomenal job of preparing students for real-life situations, using critical thinking, and teaching and engaging students in general."

Dr. Ralph Hoffman has been one of her most influential professors in the program.

"His knowledge of marketing is extraordinary," Emma said. Not only has Dr. Hoffman helped Emma in the classroom, but he has helped outside by providing her with advice and techniques for the interview process.

"I was just interested in marketing when I began my major, and now I love it and I can see myself doing it for a very long time, thanks to him," said Emma.

Emma also gives credit to Professor Margaret Rakus for her challenging courses, namely the Digital Analytics course. With the knowledge she obtained from the course, Emma was able to land an internship with a company that does similar work.

Internship Experience

Recently, Emma was offered a spot as an intern for Partner Centric. The company primarily focuses on affiliate marketing, where companies strategically place advertisements or coupons in front of the consumer in hopes of encouraging them to make a purchase.

"I will be able to learn another marketing skill that others may not even be aware of, which will make me more marketable in the future," Emma said. 

She has heard nothing short of great things about Partner Centric, as they place a great emphasis on the work-life balance. The company was also founded by a mother of four children and is certified by Woman Business Enterprise.

Involvement on Campus

Within the GMercyU community, Emma is an involved student. She was inducted into Sigma Beta Delta, the International Honor Society for Business, Management, and Administration and has been involved with the American Association of University Women (AAUW). She will serve as the organization's secretary next year where she will have the opportunity to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Emma participated in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) retreat this year where participants discussed areas of improvement. As a commuter student, Emma was interested to hear the different perspectives of the residents and other commuters. At the end of the retreat, each participant shared one word that they felt they got from the experience. Emma's favorites were "empowered," "inspired," and "legacy."

"I loved that some of the staff were there to participate in it too. It was also very special that President D'Emilio attended and spoke at the retreat. We felt very heard by the faculty, and we had a voice," Emma said.

Post-Graduation Plans

Although graduation is a year away, Emma hopes to continue working for Partner Centric. If not there, she would like to work for Disney, Netflix, Lego or Starbucks. Her dream job is to become a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) one day, and she plans to move to Arizona post-graduation.