The Registrar's Office at GMercyU is here to help you stay on track to graduation. We can guide you through various academic services and procedures, including registering for courses, transcript requests, graduation preparation, changing your name or address within our systems, ACT 45 and 48 credit submission, and OCICU and SEPCHE registration. You can visit the Campbell Solution Center for more information on Billing, Financial Aid and obtaining an ID and a parking pass.

GMercyU’s Registrar’s Office:     

Campbell Hall
215-646-7300 ext. 21437

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. 




Contact For:

Joanna V. Raudenbush  


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Suzanne Kolesar  

Associate Registrar

Graduation Applications for Main Campus (for Commencement information visit the Commencement page)

Transfer evaluations

Karen Law      

Assistant Registrar

Course withdrawals


Course/room scheduling

Debbie Rinedoller  

Student Records Specialist

Transcript requests

Jennifer Mellon    

Associate Registrar for GPS 

Graduation applications for GPS students (for Commencement information visit the Commencement page)

Transfer evaluations

Marie Torrey 

Assistant Registrar for GPS

Course/room scheduling for GPS

Helpful Resources

Registration Information
Final Exam Information
Academic Calendar
Undergraduate & Graduate Catalogs
FERPA Notice
Graduation Information
Act 45 Credits
Act 48 Records

Registration Information

Main Campus Spring 2020 schedule* is available to search on GMercyU’s Self-Service portal. You can view all available course schedule information via Self-Service without using a log on and password. 

Current Main Campus students can check out the Spring 2020 Online Registration Guide (PDF) on the portal as well as instructions on how to register for classes (PDF). 

Main Campus Registration reminder:

Main Campus students are not permitted to register for School of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) sections, even though they are able to view these courses in Self-Service.  To avoid seeing GPS sections, students should select "Spring 2019" in the Period drop down menu and then "Regular" in the Session drop down menu.  This is what Main Campus sections look like in Self-Service.  Please note the Session will show as "2019 Spring Regular." 

This is what GPS sections look like in Self-Service.  Please note the Session will show as "2019 Spring 4C" or "2019 Spring 5C" or "2019 Spring 6C." 

Main Campus students should remove any "4C", "5C", or "6C" session courses that are in their cart.


*Students in the School of Graduate and Professional Studies can obtain registration information from their Advisor.

As a GMercyU student, you may be eligible to take courses that are not available here at the eight local colleges and universities that are a part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education or the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities.

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Final Exam Information

Fall 2019 Final Exam Schedule (PDF) - Final exams are scheduled for all DAY UNDERGRADUATE courses at the Gwynedd Valley Campus only beginning Tuesday, Dec 10th and ending on Saturday, Dec 14th. Evening undergraduate classes have their final exam the same night and time as class during finals week, except for Monday evening classes. Monday evening classes will have their exam on Friday, Dec 13th at the same time as your class. Contact your instructor for additional information. 

Note: Changes made to days, times or room are highlighted in yellow. 

FERPA Notice

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STUDENTS ABOUT FERPA (PDF) - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 [FERPA] is intended to protect the privacy of a student's educational records, to establish the rights of students to inspect and review their education records and to provide guideline for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal or formal hearings. To fulfill basic requirements for compliance with the Act, each institution must inform each student of his/her right to prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information. 

The following information is considered “directory” information: name, address, dates of attendance, full or part-time status, class level, fields of study, degrees conferred (including dates), honors and awards, date and place of birth and photograph. 

Under the provisions of FERPA, currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of such information. To prevent disclosure, written notification must be received by the Office of the Registrar by the end of the Drop/Add period during the fall or spring semesters (see Academic calendar for specific dates) and will remain in effect until rescinded in writing. Any requests made from non-institutional persons or organizations will be refused. Students who do not want their directory information released to a third party must fill out the FERPA No Disclosure form (online form).

Please note: In order for GMercyU to speak with your parents or other concerned parties about your financial aid or your University bill, you will need to complete a FERPA Consent Form with the respective office. The consent form also will be enclosed in your financial aid award packet. Students who would like the Registrar's Office to mail their grade report at the end of each semester to their parents must fill out the Grade Disclosure form (online form).

For more information on FERPA, see the U.S. Department of Education website at


There are three ways to order your transcript:  

  • Online via the National Student Clearinghouse with a credit card, click here.

  • In person at the Campbell Solution Center with cash, check or money order.  There is a charge of $25 for same day pick up transcripts.

  • US mail with cash, check or money order, click here for instructions.

Fax and email requests will no longer be accepted.

Change of name will not be processed using the transcript form. If you need to change your name, you must do so by filling out the Change of Name/Address form (see Forms section below) and by providing the appropriate documentation.

Transcripts will not be processed if your financial obligations to the University have not been satisfied. Transcript requests for students with financial holds will be held for up to 30 days and then canceled. The student will have to re-submit the request at that time. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Registrar’s Office if the student has resolved a financial obligation after sending in a transcript request. 

Transcripts will only be mailed via US mail. We do not send transcripts electronically.


To ensure we can provide you with what you need, please be sure to:

  1. Complete the form including all necessary signatures.
  2. Mail the form to the respective office listed or bring to the Campbell Solution Center.
  3. A change of name also requires a copy of a social security card. Please upload a copy of the required legal document with your request.

Add/Drop form (PDF)
Change of Major/Minor form (PDF)
Change of Name/Address form (online form)
Course off Campus form (PDF)
Course Registration form (PDF)
Course Withdrawal form (PDF)
Enrollment Verification form (online form)
Incomplete Grade Contract (PDF)
Incomplete Grade Extension (PDF)
OCICU form (PDF)
University Withdrawal form (PDF)

If mailing your form, please send it to:

Gwynedd Mercy University
1325 Sumneytown Pike
P.O. Box 901
Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437
Attn: Office of the Registrar

Faculty Forms

Faculty initiated forms can be found on the Registrar's Office portal page

Graduation Information

If you are expecting to graduate, you will need to submit a graduation application. Check out the 2019-2020 Graduation Information (PDF) document for more details. 

Please complete this graduation application (online form).  You must submit this form to graduate.  If you submit the graduation application but are ineligible to graduate, then you must re-submit this form the next term in which you become eligible.  The Registrar's Office will not forward your application from one semester to the next.  

Contact Suzanne Kolesar, Associate Registrar, with questions about Main Campus programs, including the 2nd degree accelerated Nursing programs.
215-646-7300, ext. 21457 or

Contact Jennifer Mellon, Associate Registrar for Off-Campus Programs, with questions about accelerated programs at the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.
215-643-8458, ext. 37163 or or


Degree Verification Services

Gwynedd Mercy University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The Clearinghouse verification services will enable you to instantly verify your academic credentials when you may be applying for a job opportunity, graduate school or a product/service that requires proof of degree in order to qualify. Degree Verification Services.




ACT 45 Credits

Act 45 of 2007 (24 P.S. §12-1205.5) amended Act 48 for school leaders in certain school board approved positions. If you are officially board approved in one of the positions listed below, you are required to earn 180 professional development hours or six credits in a five year period by participating in PA Inspired Leadership (PIL)-approved events. You can only earn Act 45 PIL hours/credits by completing courses offered by PA Inspired Leadership institutions or by completing PDE-approved courses offered by other providers.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all active school and system leaders employed in the following positions: principal, assistant or vice principal, superintendent, assistant superintendent, intermediate unit executive director, intermediate unit assistant director, or director of an area vocational-technical school, to submit six credits of ACT 45 credits within a five year period.

In order for the Registrar’s Office to submit ACT 45 credits, students must submit the request below. Gwynedd Mercy University will submit only the courses that fulfill this requirement. No more than six credits will be submitted and they will be submitted in the order that they are received. Those submitted beyond the six credits will not be processed. Courses taken for AUDIT will not be sent to the PA Department of Education.

Act 45 Credit Form (online form)
For more information on ACT 45 and the PA Inspired Leaders program, click here.

ACT 48 Records

"Act 48 requires persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification to complete 6 credits of collegiate study, every five years to maintain active status". 
If you would like your GMercyU education courses (since January 2000) submitted to the Department of Education, please complete and submit the form below. No more than 6 credits can be accepted and they will be accepted in the order that they are received. If you submit more than six, the rest will not be processed. Courses taken for AUDIT will not be accepted. If you have a financial hold on your GMercyU account, we will not be able to submit your courses. 

Act 48 Record Form (online form)