Living on Campus

Living on Campus

Applying for Fall 2022? Take advantage of our $1,000 Love Where You Live Grant!

Our 314-acre beautiful, suburban campus will quickly become your second home. GMercyU offers big-city access and all the amenities you need: multiple eateries, activities galore, recreational facilities, plenty of spaces to study and socialize, nearby shopping, entertainment, and a local train to Philadelphia. Living on campus provides students with endless possibilities to be involved, establish lifelong friendships, and a more well-rounded college experience.

Meet Marty, an RA who will give you a sense of what it's really like living here...


New transfer students and first-time, first year students for the 2021-2022 academic year can apply for housing by clicking the New Student Housing Application box below!

Want more information about living on campus? Check out our Guide to Residence Life and the links below, or contact the Office of Residence Life at or 267-448-1305.

Statement of Purpose

Residence Life is a distinctive and inclusive living-learning environment consistent with the Core Values of the University. In our interdependent community, residents engage in evolving social relationships that stimulate academic and personal growth.


Vision Statement

A premier residential experience that prepares Mercy leaders for tomorrow.