Under Fire: Targeted Communities Share Their Stories

Merck Auditorium
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

GMercyU's chapter of the National Mercy Honor Society, Sigma Phi Sigma, is hosting a Fall Forum in response to the tragic events that have been occuring nationwide and which received substantial media attention this summer. Members of various communities have rightly been feeling "under fire," including LGBTQ persons, African Americans, Muslim Americans and law enforcement officers.

At the Fall Forum we will hold a panel discussion facilitated by Marie Michele Donnelly, RSM, inviting representatives of these "targeted communities" to share their stories and their experience of these last months.  S. Michele will invite questions of the panel, and encourage attendees to share their recommendations for next steps here on our campus.

Learn more about the fall forum and October's Spiritual Work of Mercy on GMercyU's Spiritual Life page.