Campus Conversation - The Home Stretch: Thoughts on the 2016 Campaign

Merck Auditorium
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Presenter: Christopher Borick, PhD
Professor of Political Science, Muhlenberg University
Director, Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion

The 2016 Presidential election is unlike any other in American history. As the campaign nears its end what will the closing weeks of the race look like and what do traditional indicators point to by way of the outcomes of the vote on November 8? In this presentation, Dr. Borick will examine campaign strategies, election polling and the role that Pennsylvania will play in determining the next president of the United States and control of Congress.

Each fall, GMercyU offers Campus Conversations, a series of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations. This year's theme focuses on the American political process - specifically, issues related to presidential elections and voter behaviors - which aligns with GMercyU's core value of social responsibility and its emphasis on civic engagement. Campus Conversations Lecture Series is hosted by the School of Arts and Sciences.