[Campus Conversations] Civil Rights: The Evolution of Equality

7:00 pm

For years, social activists, governmental pundits, and religious leaders have argued that equality and justice will come to fruition only if citizens are willing to stand and be heard, forcing the advancement of policies and actions that minimize the damage done to minority communities. In the wake of continued police brutality and urban violence, this call for change must not be ignored. With inequality a common problem in education, law enforcement, and the entire democratic process, citizens must be committed to advancing social justice as a permanent part of society’s conscience. This presentation focuses on the notion of civil rights, the existence of structural racism, and how that racism can be minimized through consistent movement towards a common goal. 

This event is open to members of the GMercyU, SEPCHE, and CMHE communities.


About Campus Conversations:

Each fall, Gwynedd Mercy University offers Campus Conversations, a series of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations whose purpose is three-fold: to generate conversation as part of our commitment to intellectual inquiry and lifelong learning; to address relevant, timely, and meaningful topics that speak to our mission and core values; to highlight the expertise of our faculty and other scholars in relevant disciplines. This year’s theme is Systemic Racism.

The purpose of this series of Campus Conversations is to talk about the differences, making sure that all sides are represented. This is not a forum to disseminate propaganda, but a chance to talk about the issues that surround these troubling events, with an eye toward educating on all fronts. Remember, the opposite of education is ignorance, something we should all aspire to destroy.