GMercyU alum Michael Gioquindo

Meet Michael Gioquindo

Criminal Justice, 2013

Current Position: Traffic Unit for the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office

Story Last Updated: October 2017
Current Position Updated: March 2019

After realizing a degree in business wasn’t the right choice for him, Michael Gioquindo ’13 decided to switch to the Criminal Justice Program. He spent some time slacking off and caught the attention of Assistant Professor Walter Zdunowski, who gave him an ultimatum.

“I really was not doing well originally in the Criminal Justice Program— I was slacking off— and he came over to me and said, ‘Hey, you better get your stuff together or you’re not going to be in the Criminal Justice Program any longer,’” Michael said.

After that, he changed his outlook and started taking his school work more seriously. He got involved in student government, was the vice president of his junior class, managed the baseball team and played intramural sports.  He even worked with campus security.

“The guys that are in the Office of Public Safety are great. They all have a lot of experience as police officers, some were prison guards. I learned so much from them,” Michael said.

He took all that he learned with him when he went to work for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in May 2014. Part of the newly constructed Traffic Division, Michael prosecutes tickets daily. His department of eight people prosecuted 96,000 tickets last year alone.

“I just try to take the values and things I’ve learned from GMercyU and use them every day. Professor Zdunowski talked to us like normal people, and he talked to us respectfully, and I try to apply that every day,” Michael said. “At Gwynedd, I was taught to try to help everybody that I can.”