Griffin Success Stories

Our alumni go on to do great things. Read some of their stories.

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GMercyU alum and DIY Hip Chick Beth Allen
Beth Allen
“The thing that I learned at GMercyU is the love of learning. I have been a student my whole life. I really don't think that I'm that particularly different from other people; I'm just doing it.”
GMercyU alum Kurt Balderson
Kurt Balderson
Education, 2014
“I remember walking over the crack between the ferry dock and ferry thinking to myself, ‘Am I having a nervous breakdown?’”
GMercyU alum Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball
Sports Management, 2011
"I spent the majority of my time at GMercyU on the field or in the gym, working toward becoming a better baseball player. The feeling of working toward a goal with 30 other people is something I’m really glad I had the chance to be a part of.”
GMercyU Jenna Caffarello Education Alumna
Jenna Caffarello
Education, 2016
"I really think by having people believe in us here, we believe in others the rest of our lives."
GMercyU Alumni Spotlight Chris Cassar
Chris Cassar
Business Administration, 2008
"With the education I received from GMercyU and the support of my family and friends, I’m living my dream of working with the NFL."
GMercyU English Alum Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
English, 2007
“While sales and law may look like disconnected careers, there are many parallels. Some of the things that attracted me to law were also the critical components for being successful in sales: research, communication, public speaking, and psychology,”
GMercyU Alum Jason Dabney teaches at Laura H. Carnell School in Oxford Circle
Jason Dabney
Education, 2010
GMercyU alum Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels
Education, 2006
“The cool thing about GMercyU is they're not afraid to go into neighborhoods and help people.”
GMercyU Griffin Success Story Shaun Dougherty
Shaun Dougherty
Education, 2005
"I remember one particularly salient lesson from GMercyU, and share it in every class I teach. 'You have to decide which hills are worth dying on!' This came from my first class at GMercyU and has proven true in all professional endeavors."
GMercyU alum Matthew Fingerman
Matthew Fingerman
Management, 2015
“The high level of personal touch really exceeded my expectations and gave me the confidence I needed to choose GMercyU."
GMercyU Alums Paul Kenny and Mike Gargan
Mike Gargan
Criminal Justice, 2012
“I would say it’s the community that makes it really fun to be here. They like us being around and it’s a great relationship we have.”
GMercyU alum Michael Gioquindo
Michael Gioquindo
Criminal Justice, 2013
"I just try to take the values and things I’ve learned from GMercyU and use them every day."
GMercyU Education Alum Kiersten Gozieba
Kiersten Godzieba
Education, 2016
"I'll think of things Ms. Pierantozzi said in class to help me get through the moments where I'm stuck. It's funny how things come back to you."
GMercyU Honors Convocation GMercyU Student Christina Harris with Family
Christina Harris
Human Services, 2016
"The sincerity and compassion of the campus community is what makes GMercyU an enriching learning environment that creates caring, competent, and cognizant professionals, and strong leaders with morals."
Gwynedd Mercy University graduate Joanne Henkels
Joanne Henkels
Business Administration, 2012
“As we age, we have a different perspective on life. Learning at a later age opened my mind and spirit to new challenges.” 
GMercyU Alum Donald Hooton at Yankee Stadium
Donald Hooton
Business Administration, 2004
"I had just about all of my professors' phone numbers in case I needed anything at any time. GMercyU truly cares about its students outside of education, and it’s because of GMercyU that I have always done so well."