Career Resources for Parents, Family & Friends

Play an Active Role in Your Student’s Career Choices

Making the right career decisions is rarely a one-person job. College students and graduates alike often need help from their support system of parents, family, and friends.

We’ve created several ways to help you motivate and guide your student along a successful career path. The Gwynedd Mercy University Career Development Center is here to show you all the ways we’re committed to your student’s career success and how you can support your student’s career development.

Top 6 Ways to Support Your Student’s Career Development

  1. Explore our website to learn about GMercyU career services and resources. We offer one-on-one career counseling, a four-year HIRE Education career development program, internships and externships with potential employers, and more.
  2. Encourage students to begin the career development process early. They are welcome to visit our Career Development Center anytime throughout their time at GMercyU, and beyond.
  3. Be a sounding board as students explore their career options and encounter career-related challenges.
  4. Empower students to make their own decisions. Your opinions are still valuable to them, but ultimately they need to take control.
  5. Discuss with them the power of networking. Use your network to help them as they begin building their own and exploring various career paths.
  6. Reassure students that they have a team of people eager to help. Sometimes the fear of asking for help results in them missing out on great opportunities.

Our Career Development Center is available to discuss any challenges or questions you have about supporting your student’s career goals.

More resources for GMercyU parents

We’ve created several additional resources for GMercyU parents to help advise their children on exploring and choosing a career.
Parent Workshops
GMercyU’s Post-Graduate Survey Report 2009-2015 (PDF)
Past Internship sites for GMercyU Students (PDF)

Contact Us

We can answer questions you have about GMercyU’s career development programs and how your student can get involved. Contact us to learn more.

The Career Development Center is located in the Keiss Library & Learning Commons.

Hours: Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Contact our office for additional hours.)
Phone: 215-646-7300, ext. 21230