Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics

Earn a Versatile STEM Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program at GMercyU prepares students for successful mathematics careers by emphasizing real-world applications and providing advanced instruction on practical and theoretical knowledge.

A college degree in mathematics ensures that you will have developed advanced abilities in reasoning, problem-solving, and mathematical methods in three of the subject's main areas: statistics, algebra, and analysis. Not only will you graduate with a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge, but you will also be proficient in communicating what you've learned both orally and in writing, skills that are critical for success in today’s world.

Degree Options

Secondary Education Certification in Mathematics

Earn a Mathematics degree with Teacher Certification

Mathematics is an international language, bridging gaps across the globe. Throughout history, mathematicians have concentrated on theories and imagined, created, and solved equations that have helped change the world. If you have a passion for mathematics and want to share that passion with others, consider obtaining a secondary education certification or grades 7-12 special education certification through the GMercyU's School of Education. 

Gwynedd Mercy University's Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with the options for Secondary Mathematics Education and grades 7-12 special education are state-approved initial certifications that prepare graduates for the teaching field with a combination of education and mathematics courses. Your coursework will culminate in a capstone seminar where you will present a research presentation. You also will have a semester-long student teaching experience at a local school in order to develop the "hands-on" experience you need to be an effective classroom teacher. 

*Certification: This program was designed to meet the certification requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you reside in a different state, you should carefully review your home state’s certification requirements prior to enrolling in this program.

The GMercyU Difference

With the math industry's increased focus on technology, and the need for strong “soft” skills, Gwynedd Mercy University’s bachelor’s degree in mathematics offers:

  • Access to classroom laptops and mathematical software in each course
  • An equal focus on real-world practical applications and theoretical fundamentals, so you are prepared for a career upon graduation
  • An emphasis on the oral and written communication skills that are so critical in today’s global marketplace
  • Personalized attention with a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio
  • Courses taught by qualified faculty (no teaching assistants!)
  • Access to our Ethics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (E-STEM) program, which also includes a special scholarship opportunity, funded by the National Science Foundation

Undergraduate Minors 

Increase the value of your degree by adding an undergraduate minor. GMercyU offers a wide variety of minors so you can choose the one that best meets your personal and professional goals.


In addition to general education requirements, you will complete the following courses:

Core Requirements – 44 Credits

MTH 231  Applications of Discrete Math 
MTH 234 Probability and Statistics
MTH 235 Linear Algebra
MTH 245 Calculus I
MTH 246 Calculus II
MTH 261 Programming for Mathematics
MTH 301 Multivariable Calculus
MTH 304 Number Theory
MTH 305 Sets, Relations & Functions 
MTH 401 Abstract Algebra
MTH 407 Probability Theory
MTH  (2) 300-400 Level Electives
MTH 4000 Math Seminar – Capstone

Secondary Education Certification Option

Education Courses – 42 Credits

EDU 100 Education in America
EDU 300 Pre-Student Teaching
EDU 319 Selected Topics in Sec. Education
EDU 325 Secondary Methods Materials
EDU 351 Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners
EDU 490 Student Teaching and Professional Seminar – 12 Credits
SPE 215 Exceptional Person for Secondary Students
SPE 231 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPE 232 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Severe/Profound Disabilities
SPE 331 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPE 332 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Severe/Profound Disabilities

Credit Requirement 
A minimum of 125 credits is required for the bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

See the undergraduate catalog (PDF) for more information and course descriptions.


Our Outstanding Faculty

Career Outcomes

A bachelor’s in mathematics prepares you for a wide variety of versatile careers that command high salaries and high degrees of job satisfaction. There is also a growing need for mathematicians in the education, business, finance, technology, and insurance sectors, so new graduates are often in demand at entry-level jobs. 

Possible careers for mathematics majors

•    Accountant
•    Teacher
•    Underwriter
•    Financial planner

•    Statistician
•    Stockbroker
•    System analyst

*Some of these careers may require additional education.

*This is only a partial list and not meant to limit you.