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Leadership Opportunities

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Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistants (RAs) are typically upper-class, para-professional student staff members living in the residence halls. The primary duty of the RA is to facilitate the development of a community atmosphere among the residents on his/her floor. The RA provides residents with information regarding campus life, creates educational and social programming, supports residents in decision-making, refers residents to professional staff on campus when necessary, and confronts resident behavior that is inconsistent with residence hall and college policies. RAs are selected through a multi-tiered, interactive interview process. RA selection occurs in the early spring for the following academic year.

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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

There are several ways residents can get involved in the residence halls. The easiest way to begin is by attending a meeting of the Residence Hall Association. All residents are invited to be a part of this organization that represents the resident student body. There are meetings once a week in which members plan regular programs for the residence hall community. The meetings are also an opportunity for the members to provide feedback to the Office of Residence Life on behalf of the student residents. There are five student officers who lead the RHA; elections for these positions occur in the spring for the following academic year.

Residence Life Appeal Board

The Residence Life Appeal Board serves as the appeal in the disciplinary process for resident students. The board will formally convene in order to review disciplinary decisions when a formal appeal is submitted. The board consists of students who are committed to the mission and values of the University. They are appointed for their ability to be consistent and impartial. Students who are interested in serving on the Resident Appeals Board may speak to Keisha Johnson, Associate Director of Residence Life, for additional information. Please refer to the Residence Life Handbook for more information on the appeals process.