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Tuition & Fee Refund Policy at Gwynedd Mercy University

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To be eligible for tuition refund, a student must officially withdraw by completing a withdrawal form available in the Office of Academic Affairs. The amount of the refund is based on the date of the withdrawal form is recorded in the Registrar's Office. Not attending class does not automate an official withdraw.

To be eligible for a refund of room and board, a student must officially notify the Office of Residence Life. The amount of the refund is based on the date of the withdrawal is verified by the Office of Academic Affairs.

No refunds will be issued until at least ten days after the drop/add period. The refund date is established by the Bursar's Office.

Fall and Spring Semester

Percentage of Refund

Withdrawal prior to the first day of semester


Withdrawal through end of drop/add period


Withdrawal through first week after drop/add period


Withdrawal through second week after drop/add period


Withdrawal after end of second week after drop add period


Summer Schedule

Percentage of Refund

Withdrawal prior to the first day of session


Withdrawal by the end of the first week of session


Withdrawal second week of session to end of session


Refund Policy

Gwynedd Mercy University students who are receiving a refund due to an excess or a drop have a choice of a paper check or an electronic refund. Electronic refunds are given priority and students are encouraged to sign up through their self-service with the account of their choice. If you choose to receive a paper check it can take up to 10 business days to be received. If you do not receive your paper check refund due to an address change that was not reported prior to the refund being cut or you lose/damage the check you will be charged the $30.00 stop payment fee. Excess refund dates for each semester are posted under the Bursar's FAQ web page.


E-Refund Instructions

Electronic Refunds Are Here! Do you hate going to the bank? Do you lose paper checks? Gwynedd Mercy University is happy to give students the option of receiving their refunds in the account of their choice. It is easy, fast and secure to sign up.

  • Login to your Self-Service account.
  • Click on the Finances Tab.
  • Select Make a Payment/Add authorized user.
  • Click on link under ERefund. (Click here to receive your funds electronically)
  • Select Yes, I want refunds deposited directly into my bank account.
  • Enter your personal information on the secure site and then you are enrolled into ERefund.

 Depending on your bank the funds can take up to 3 business days to post to your account.

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