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IT Security Update

On April 7th, 2014 a security issue, commonly referred to as “Heartbleed”, was discovered in a software library used by many major Internet companies. Heartbleed affects the encryption technology designed to protect online accounts for email, instant messaging and e-commerce.

IT Department security technicians reacted immediately to this news and performed a security check in the school network and systems. Our internal security investigation determined that our systems are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. There is no evidence of any intrusion to our networks or that any data has been accessed by exploiting this vulnerability. 

The Heartbleed virus has been affecting millions of websites on the Internet for two years. One such major website is Yahoo!. If you find any site you use has been compromised please be aware that your password is compromised. If you use the same password for multiple websites please change you passwords immediately and monitor how those sites are fixing the problem. 

If a major website is still vulnerable, the website would have to update their software first. To defend against this, an online tool called the Heartbleed test was created to test if a website has been compromised. Simply type the web address of the website into the box, and it will let you know whether it is safe.

Please contact the IT Service Desk at 215.646.7300 ext. 21444 or email with your questions or comments