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Personalized Learning

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Gwynedd Mercy University prides itself on providing each student with a personalized learning experience. To fully understand this commitment one must first familiarize themselves with our Learning Outcomes. Created as an extension of our college mission, Learning Outcomes are designed to measure a student’s social, academic and cultural development.

There are many other aspects of our educational process that promote a rich and vibrant academic community. At Gwynedd Mercy University students can grow with lively in-classroom experiences, take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, and enjoy flexible learning options. The Gwynedd Mercy University Difference is what continues to make Gwynedd Mercy University a place for students to live, learn and grow.

In-Classroom Experience

With richer in-classroom experiences and accessible faculty members, Gwynedd Mercy University offers students a unique and personalized learning environment.

  • 13:1 Student to Faculty Ratio- Gwynedd Mercy University students enjoy easy access to professors.
  • Faculty Know Students by Name- Gwynedd Mercy University faculty members are able to tailor their teaching style to the individuals in class.
  • Intimate Yet Challenging Classroom- Gwynedd Mercy University students enjoy a highly stylized and personalized curriculum developed for the 21st century.
  • Offer over 40 Different Majors- Gwynedd Mercy University offers students the opportunity to focus on more than 40 different disciplines of interest to prepare them for competitive careers in emerging fields.


Innovation is another aspect of personalized learning that supports our commitment to our students and the Gwynedd Mercy University Difference. A number of our academic programs incorporate cutting-edge technology into the classroom.

  • Gwynedd Mercy University’s School of Nursing and Health Professions- uses 4 SimNewB® interactive human simulators for hands-on classroom practice.
  • Gwynedd Mercy University’s School of Education- recently teamed with Teachscape® a web-based program that makes the entire educational process including student teaching, monitoring, and observation completely virtual.

These new technologies not only help to personalize the educational experience they allow students to:

  • Practice techniques.
  • Detail their results.
  • Engage in collaborative dialogue with professors.
  • Gain confidence within their field.

Innovative classroom experiences provide students with more personalized learning opportunities. New technologies allow students to personally track their progress and provide teachers with an in-depth look at the student’s development. This advances the student-teacher relationship by creating an equitable partnership based on communication and trust.


Gwynedd Mercy University offers students a variety of educational platforms to help personalize the learning process and obtain their degree.  Adult learners require the most flexibility when it comes to their educations. Gwynedd Mercy University has expanded its flexible learning options to include online degree programs and satellite campuses to offer working adults a variety of options to personalize their education.

  • Accelerated- All of Gwynedd Mercy University’s working adult programs are accelerated in nature, allowing students to complete their degree in the shortest amount of time.
  • Online- By offering full online degree programs students can get a distinct Mercy education from anywhere in the world.
  • Philadelphia, Plymouth Meeting, Bensalem- Gwynedd Mercy University satellite campuses offer working adults in the greater Philadelphia region the flexible option of on-ground learning.
  • Faculty with Real-World Experience- Gwynedd Mercy University Adult Accelerated and Online Degrees provide students with experienced faculty who incorporate first-hand experiences into their curriculum.

By providing a variety of options and formats to take classes Gwynedd Mercy University has personalized the educational experience for working adults. Learn more about our diverse options for adult learners.

These are just a few of the examples of how personalized learning helps promote the Gwynedd Mercy University Difference. Gwynedd Mercy University is committed to the academic advancement of all of our students. It is this dedication that keeps pushing us down new paths; increasing our research opportunities, incorporating the latest educational technologies into our curriculum, and delivering flexible options for students to get their degree.