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Student Annual Fund

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be a class act! Gwynedd Mercy University Student Annual Fund Campaign

What's the Student Annual Fund Campaign?

The Campaign is designed to raise students’ awareness of the importance of philanthropy in higher education. By creating a culture of philanthropy among our students, we hope they will see the value in giving back today, tomorrow and year after year. Therefore, a tradition of providing aid for students who will walk their same footsteps in the future will be instilled.


The program is designed to:

  • Teach students about philanthropy
  • Create a tradition of giving back
  • Educate students about financing education at Gwynedd Mercy University
  • Encourage student support in the form of time, talent and financial resources now and in the future
  • Help Gwynedd Mercy University meet its challenges as an institution
  • Instill a lifelong relationship with Gwynedd Mercy University


The Student Annual Fund Campaign is delivered with the support of the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Student Advancement Council.


Fast facts:

  • 92 percent of Gwynedd Mercy University students receive financial aid
  • It costs approximately $30,000 to educate each student at Gwynedd Mercy University
  • Tuition only covers 80 percent of the cost of a Gwynedd Mercy University education
  • Giving to Gwynedd Mercy University enhances the value of your diploma. A Gwynedd Mercy University degree becomes more competitive as the institution grows stronger.
  • Giving participation rates are an item of consideration in determining ranking in college guide publications
  • Giving participation rates are important factors corporations and foundations consider when granting financial assistance


Making a gift

To make a gift to the Student Annual Fund Campaign, use one of the following methods:


Mail it in!


Give online!

Make your gift
in person!


Participants in 2010-11 Student Campaign




Class of 2010  
Angelo Fiorentino 
Rebecca honor of Rebecca Reinheckel
Deanna honor of Professors R. Gullan and R. Krause
Lynn honor of Lynn Marie Varides
Class of 2011  
Mary Beth Griffin 
Dawn Boyer 
Diane Eileen Kachnycz
Brittany Sumpf 
Whitney Stamm 
Jenna D'Arcy 
Rachel Collier 
Ethan Albino 
Michaela Brass 
Stephanie Wood 
Reginald Chris Mendoza
Kathleen Renz 
Courtney Cox 
Karen Delise 
Nikita Clayton 
Rachel Vannatta 
Robin Evans-Torres 
Carmen Hunter-Anderson
Sarita Dawkins 
Samira Abdalla 
Ismael Bien-Aime 
Khadya Shaw 
Jenifer Lauer 
Viki Robinson 
Ermir Medoni 
Paris Adolphus 
Kristin Harrison 
Michelle L. Johnson 
Kate Gulian  
Alex honor of Malcolm C. Macklin
Tracey Murphy 
Lauren honor of Joann Maher
Breann Vandiver 
Jennifer Lloyd 
Meghan O'Malley 
John M. Ross 
Frederika honor of Juanita Harrell
Delores honor of Mabel Lee Mills (Mother)
William Pringle 
Nicole Lawrence-White
Lavonia honor of Mrs. Bernice R. Parker (Mother)
Miriam Kunger 
Meredith honor of Nancy & Jack Freeston
Denise honor of Denise Wescott
Cheryl honor of Charice McCray
Akeeka Davis 
Linda honor of James Ogden
Aracely honor of Jesus the Christ!
Michelle Morawski 
Brian H. Sprowal 
Nicole Zaffiri-Boland 
Melissa Jacobson 
Jacob Howard 
Class of 2012  
Craig Trueblood 
Tara Benischeck 
Morgan honor of Christine Hammitt, Becky Shields, Heather Hemberger
Andrew Hopp 
Nicole Britsch 
Mary honor of Michelle Anne Ashmore
Class of 2013  
Kendra Zadrejko 
Mike Boyle 
Kaylin Bassett 
Gwen Conte 
Staci Luck 
Class of 2014  
Natalie Wills 
Emily R. honor of grandmothers, Jane and Rosita
Devin honor of Angeline M. Rowan
Tim Ott 
Gregory Brooks 
Alyssa Getz 
Dan honor of Susan A. Hunter, Alumna deceased 11/1/2007
Maura Gifford 
Francesca Bella 
Melissa Check 
Michelle honor of Mary Catherine Ashmore
Katie Bomhoff 
Brian Pinder 
Ann Henry