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Greetings from the Dean of the School of Education

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Hello, I am Dean Sandra Mangano, and I would like to introduce you to the School of Education at Gwynedd Mercy University. The programs in the School of Education take as their goal the comprehensive development of the professional educator. The courses of study provide educators with opportunities to develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that enhance the effectiveness of the teaching/learning process. In addition, the programs seek to assist professionals in the development of their leadership skills so that they, in turn, may actively enhance the profession and act as mentors to others in the profession.

Students in all programs in the School of Education develop:

  • Personal and interpersonal growth
  • The attitudes and habits of professional educators
  • Expert professional skills
  • Knowledge of education research and the development of their own research interests.

The courses of study hone these qualities through multiple experiences:  classroom participation in a competency and standards based curriculum in subject areas and pedagogical methods, active engagement in field experiences which promote the transition of theory into practice, and involvement in various professional clubs, honor societies, and other organizations.  In addition, students develop the expert skill of the practitioner and the intellectual curiosity of a lifelong learner.

Research has shown us that an increasing number of graduate students are seeking online programs to complete their degrees at an accelerated pace to better balance work, family and school.  Gwynedd Mercy University (Gwynedd Mercy University) prides itself in staying competitive by now offering online programs in education to meet the demands of today’s market.  Effective January 1, 2014, all graduate education programs will be offered in an online format:  PreK-4, 4-8, Special Education, Master Teacher, Educational Leadership and School Counseling.

Our faculty and staff have developed strong programs in undergraduate as well:  PreK-4 and 4-8 with special education certification.

Gwynedd Mercy University has a long-standing reputation for excellence, innovation and partnerships.  Our graduates can be found in prominent positions throughout the country, providing leadership and high quality professional services. 

The Autism Institute began in 2008 under a grant from the Child Development Foundation of Montgomery County.  The Institute hands-on workshops, professional development activities, on-site programs and educational presentations at area conferences all provide research-based practices for students majoring in special education, teachers and administrators, parents of children on the autism spectrum and community members.  Most recently the Institute received additional funding to support technology.  This includes the Conover Company Functional Skills System, Digital Camera and Printer for Exchange Communication Systems, and Video Modeling Equipment. 

At Gwynedd Mercy University you can count on having a high-quality learning experience in your coursework and through interactions with faculty during your Teacher Apprentice Program, Intern, Pre-service and Student Teaching Programs. 

Gwynedd Mercy University has been in collaboration and conversation with Teachscape, to provide industry-leading solutions, technology and services for the education market. Teachscape  has partnered with respected institutions including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to shape its approach for schools and teachers.   Gwynedd Mercy University is one of the few colleges in the country to offer Teachscape to aid in an effective teaching and learning model for pre-service and student teachers.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education is applying the Teachscape  tools for effective teaching and learning practice in the classroom.  Our programs embed the tools into our undergraduate and graduate curriculum.  As a graduate you will have personalized and intensive training in your field of education that is unparalleled to any other College of University in the area. 

At Gwynedd Mercy University we will empower you to focus on learning, be challenged intellectually and personally.  We will ask you to grow and develop both as a student as an ethical, caring, and responsible professional.

Our website and admissions teams can answer any questions you may have so please contact them at 1-800-205-5900 or visit us on the web at www.GM


Sandra D. Mangano, EdD, Dean, School of Education