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Accounting Degree Program - Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance

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Through a focused track in the accounting degree program at Gwynedd Mercy University, students pursuing Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accreditation are thoroughly prepared for the rigors of the exam and of the accounting profession.

As part of this intensive Bachelor of Science in Accounting program, students complete the standard accounting curriculum and additional credit hours in accounting, finance, and information systems over the course of four years. Outside of the classroom, students receive first-hand industry experience through internships at public accounting firms. Students who complete the accounting bachelor’s degree curriculum with CPA track at Gwynedd Mercy University satisfy all of the recent licensing requirement changes for CPAs put into place by Pennsylvania and other states, and are qualified to begin practicing as accountants upon graduation.

Gwynedd Mercy University has set itself apart from other esteemed accounting schools in Pennsylvania with a choice of two undergraduate accounting programs:

  • the 125-credit-hour bachelor’s degree, designed for students interested in pursuing government or industry careers forensic psychology; or
  • the 150-credit-hour CPA track, designed for students interested in pursuing accreditation as a Certified Public Accountant.

The 125 credit hours include 18 credits of prerequisites, 24 credits of management core courses, 27 credits of accounting core courses, and 8 credits of internship hours or open electives. The CPA track also requires an additional sequence of accounting, business, and finance courses that includes an internship in public accounting.

With an intensive new accounting school track for undergraduates seeking accreditation as Certified Public Accountants, Gwynedd Mercy University provides students with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science and complete the requirements for accreditation as a CPA, if they so desire, in only four years.

Students often take more than four years to complete the CPA accreditation at accounting schools in PA and other states, but Gwynedd Mercy University has designed a program that enables students to move smoothly through the intensive sequence of accounting courses. This comprehensive, focused track also requires students to complete an internship allowing them to apply their knowledge in a practical, real-world accounting environment. Completing an internship is an increasingly valuable part of the educational experience for students, and many of the most successful graduates complete multiple internships during the course of their studies. These valuable experiences contribute to Gwynedd Mercy University’s unique learning environment that fosters discovery, transformation, and success.  


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