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4+1 MBA Option

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4+1 MBA Option: Graduate with a Graduate Degree

The 4+1 Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a traditional face-to-face program as part of a five-year BS/MBA program for undergraduate students completing a BS in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management, Finance and Sport Management.  This 30-credit* program offers many benefits to students wishing to advance their education and career.  
*Foundation courses may apply


Value of Earning your MBA

  • Complete your MBA in 1 year by taking up to 12 graduate credits in your senior year at the undergraduate tuition rate!  In your 5th year, you’ll only have 18 credits left.
  • Seamless Admissions Process
  • No Entrance Exams
  • The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports many top executives have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or in an area related to their field of work. 


Next Steps

To learn more about the 4+1 MBA option please contact our Admissions Department. Current students please contact your program director to discover the Next.