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The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek root, “philos,” which means love of wisdom. A degree in philosophy prepares students for serious, rigorous, systematic thinking. Interdisciplinary and engaging, a BA degree in philosophy offers many different kinds of careers that philosophy majors go into after receiving their bachelor’s degree.  The study of philosophy develops many skills, including:

    •    critical thinking
    •    evaluation of chains of reasoning
    •    construction of chains of reasoning
    •    consideration of many different perspectives on a single subject
    •    clear written communication on complex topics

and these are skills that will serve you well no matter what your chosen career path looks like.
After graduation, philosophy majors go to law school, to medical school, to business school, to seminary, and to graduate school in a range of fields from art business to education to gender studies to philosophy; they go to work for business consulting firms and for humanitarian non-government organizations; they take jobs as technical writers, teachers, web designers and more.


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