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Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology Programs

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Biology is the study of living organisms and the principles which govern them.  Biology spans a hierarchy of structure from molecules and cells to populations and ecosystems; it includes a wide range of subspecialties such as molecular biology, microbiology and ecology which share the same foundational principles.

The Bachelor of Science in biology program at Gwynedd Mercy University is an integrated course of study with a strong emphasis on molecular and cellular biology, genetics, and biochemistry. Gwynedd Mercy University's biology students gain a broad base of knowledge in the physical sciences with required coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Students who graduate from Gwynedd Mercy University with a biology degree automatically earn a minor in chemistry.

Gwynedd Mercy University's biology program provides state-of-the-art laboratory training in current techniques, such as tissue culture and PCR, that are applicable to research in graduate studies and at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Students must conduct research as a requirement for graduation in the biology program; this gives students practical, hands-on experience that is critical for future employment or further study.

The courses of the biology program at Gwynedd Mercy University are taught by experts, experienced and doctorally-prepared full-time faculty members who work closely with students in the classroom and the laboratory. This allows the biology graduate from Gwynedd Mercy University to possess the knowledge and skills to succeed in graduate or professional school or in employment in a variety of fields.

The biology program at Gwynedd Mercy University also offers the option to earn certification in biology in secondary education through the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


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