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MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist Program (Adult with Gerontology) Info

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Prepares professional nurses for advanced practice and provides a base for doctoral study.  The scope of practice includes expert nursing care of individuals, families and communities, offering a specialization in Adult Health with Gerontology. 

Adult Health with Gerontology

Core Courses - 19 credits
NUR 500    Pharmacotherapeutics for APN Across the Lifespan - (3)            
NUR 510    Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing - (3)                  
NUR 530    Theoretical Foundations of Nursing - (3)                                     
NUR 569    Advanced Assessment Practicum for APN- (1)                            
NUR 570    Advanced Physicial Assessment APN Across the Lifespan - (3)
NUR 610    Research Methodology - (3)                                                
NUR 615    Research Seminar - (3)                                                                

Elective - 3 credits (select one 3-credit elective)
NUR 547    Computer Technology in Nursing            
NUR 605    Curriculum Design
NUR 602    Organizational Behavior
NUR 604    Learning Theories
NUR 605    Curriculum Design
NUR 609    Topics in American Higher Education
NUR 614    Teaching Strategies
NUR 620    Research Thesis

Speciality Courses - 12 credits
NUR 550    Advanced Adult Health Nursing with Gerontology I - (3)                  
NUR 551    Advanced Adult Health Nursing with Gerontology II - (3)              
NUR 552    Practicum-Advanced Adult Health Nursing with Gerontology I - (3)
NUR 553    Practicum-Advanced Adult Health Nursing with Gerontology II -(3)

Management or Teaching Role Requirements - 9 credits
NUR 602    Organizational Behavior - (3)
NUR 603    Clinical Practicum - Management Role - (6)
NUR 605    Curriculum Design - (3)
NUR 606    Clinical Practicum Teaching Role - (6)

Beginning your graduate students as a non-matriculated student allows you to start your graduate studies before becoming accepted by taking up to two courses or six credits while compiling your documentation for formal acceptance.  These courses are applied toward your degree requirements.  To qualify, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.   To be approved for non-matriculated status, call 267-448-1349 or