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Accelerated Associates Degree in Business Administration - Program Information

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Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration

The Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration (ASBA) core is a 67 credit hour, 115-week program designed to improve a student’s critical thinking skills while providing the student with a solid introduction to business administration principles.  (All general education courses required for the A.S. degree are contained within this adult degree program.)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration program, a prospective student should meet the following requirements:

  • Evidence of High School Graduation
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for all college credits previously attempted
  • The equivalent of two or more years full-time work experience
  • A score of 500 or above on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or 85 or above on the MTLP (Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency) for students whose native language is not English.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration program, a student requires 67 semester hours of credit. Thirty-six of those credits include general education courses (listed below) and 31 credits include the core major in Business Administration. 

67 semester hours are required for graduation.

36 credits include the following distribution of general education courses:

General Education Categories  

Credits Needed

Language, Literature and Fine Arts




Behavioral and Social Sciences


Natural Sciences / Mathematics 


Minimum General Education Credits:


  • A minimum grade of “C” in the business major and an overall grade point average of 2.00 for the program.
  • Payment of tuition and all fees.


Description of Courses

BAS100 - Introduction to Business Adult Studies
This course will emphasize such topics as self-management, research skills, learning styles and basic academic competencies as preparation for both the workplace and the completion of this academic program. Students will be introduced to the Gwynedd-Mercy College learning outcomes and how these relate to their educational, personal and career goals. (3 weeks)

PSY321 - Group Processes
Introductory analysis of group interaction with focus on the theory and practice of group models in education and social psychology; survey of current trends in groups; opportunities for the student to examine personal behaviors in group interaction. (May be taken for Sociology credit.) Prerequisite: PSY 100 (5 weeks)

CIS101 - Introduction to Desktop Computing
This course is designed to provide a foundation of computer skills for students enrolled in a variety of programs. Students will cover 4 of the Microsoft Office 2007 Professional products: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Students will also learn common file management techniques using windows explorer including 'drag and drop' techniques, configuring folder options, and overview of the University email provider, Gmail. (5 weeks)

ENG101 - College English
This course focuses on personal and expository components of rhetoric. Emphasis is given to the writing process and logic through constant practice in sentence combining and through organizing and styling paragraphs and themes. Peer review of student writing is included. (5 weeks)

BUS101 - Introduction to Business
An overview of the theoretical framework and structure of today's business environment is studied. Content areas include management, e-business, ethics and social responsibility, business organization, human resource management, international business and current business topics. Research procedures and an introduction to writing a business research paper using APA format will be studied. Students will conduct business research and write a paper on a topic provided in class. (5 weeks)

POL101 - American Government
This course analyzes the American form of government, its functions and current problems along with reflections upon comparative governments around the world.  (5 weeks)

SOC2000 - Society and Global Diversity
This course is designed to expand students' understanding of the social and psychological dimensions of global communities, while learning to relate and interact with those of different viewpoints and experiences. Topics of diversity and community will be explored in light of Mercy values, such as "dignity of each person" and "social responsibility". Prerequisite: ENG 101 (5 weeks)

MTH120 - Contemporary Math for Business
This course covers standard business mathematics with work-related applications to prepare students for the quantitative courses (statistics, economics and finance) required in their programs. Topics include basic mathematics, algebra, coordinate geometry, counting techniques and probability. The use of a scientific calculator is required. (5 weeks)

RS120 - Contemporary Moral Problems
The basic principles of Christian moral decision-making and their application to current issues are examined. Some contemporary moral issues discussed include sexual behavior, racism, sexism, just war theories, capital punishment, among others. (5 weeks)

SCI2000 - From Telescope to Microscope
This course is a scientific look at the natural world through the lens of social responsibility, considering the interrelationship of science, mathematics and technology in light of our stewardship of the universe and of each other. This course is research and writing intensive. Prerequisite: ENG 101 (5 weeks)

ACC111 - Accounting
This course has a user of financial statement perspective. The focus of this course is on understanding the financial system and elements of the financial statements. It is an overview of accounting rather than a detailed explanation of the accounting process. (5 weeks)

BUS301 - Principles of Management
This course requires an analysis of the managerial processes with emphases on the planning, organizing, directing and control functions used by managers to accomplish the goals of the organization. Related behavioral topics will be included in the discussions. Course requirements will include a research paper and Internet assignments. Prerequisite: BUS101 (5 weeks)

COM201 - Theories of Mass Communication
This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of mass communication, acquainting students with theories of how the mass media shapes both ourselves as individuals and the world in which we live. It will offer an introduction to research methods and the history of the discipline, examine the theories and perspectives that research has generated, and explore important social and ethical questions revolving around media effects, including the impact of the portrayal of sex and violence. Prerequisite: ENG101  (5 weeks)

ECN104 - Introduction to Applied Economics
An overview of economics, focusing on a limited but crucial set of economic principles. Topics include a study of contemporary economy problems, appropriate use of scarce resources, business cycles and policy-making, forces behind economic growth, inflation, employment and monetary controls and economic systems. (5 weeks)

BUS210 - Marketing and Consumer Behavior
An overview of marketing theory in the context of the corporate environment and consumer behavior. Topics include marketing strategy, opportunities, consumer behavior, segmentation, marketing mix, and the external and internal influences on the consumer including the effects of demographics and social and psychological variables on buyer behavior. (5 weeks)

HIS2000 - Conflict & Consensus in History
This course seeks to expand students' understanding of the historical, political, psychological and social dimensions of global communities, while learning to relate to and interact with those of different viewpoints and experiences. It introduces students to historical thinking and themes in order to develop critical thinking skills associated with historical inquiry and to acquire a broad understanding of factors related to American or World History. Prerequisite: ENG 101 (5 weeks)

BUS371 - Introduction to HR Management
The student will be introduced to the field of human resource management. This course will examine the many aspects of human resources and how these functions support the goals of the organization. Topics will include recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation and safety. Student requirements will include a research paper and case analysis. (5 weeks)

BUS304 - Business Ethics
A discussion of the impact of ethics on today's business world with content areas to include business social responsibilities, rights of stakeholders, government interaction and international ethical practices is studied. The student will be expected to analyze cases and to write opinion reports as a part of the course requirements. Prerequisite: BUS 101 (5 weeks)

ENG2001 - Arts and Ideas
This is an introductory course designed to give the student an appreciation of the literary and fine arts. The course examines ideas rooted in justice, philosophy, spirituality, politics, science, education, art and psychology through literature that spans the evolution of those ideas. The course requires both analytical and creative responses to these ideas so that students can express their understanding of the complex relationship among thought, writing, art and society. Prerequisite: ENG101 (5 weeks)

PHL100 - The Human Condition
This course offers a systematic introduction to some central concerns of men and women both as individual persons and as social beings. It considers our complex nature, the many activities in which we engage, and the problem of our destiny, especially in relation to God and nature. (5 weeks)

BUS230 - Business Law
An introduction to the general framework of the law and how the law impacts business operations. The student will examine the basic elements of the law, its historical development, contracts, agency, sale of goods and various forms of business organizations. Student requirements will include case analysis and a review of research in the field. (5 weeks)

ENG215 - Technical Writing
Designed as a process that is adaptable to all professions or crafts, the technical writing course reviews and reinforces the tools of writing. Prerequisite: ENG 101. (5 weeks)

BUS292 - Business Case Studies
This course applies the business case method of learning various business situations that illustrate business strategy development. The evaluation of cases illustrates the causes of business problems, available solutions, and the impact of managerial choices on both the business enterprise and society in general. (5 weeks)


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