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Writing Information and Resources

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Writing (for any course) at the ARC

Call 267-448-1370 for an appointment or more information.


  • help you learn punctuation rules, such as how to avoid comma splices and fragments
  • help you devise a method that will enable you to overcome spelling problems
  • help you learn how to proofread your papers
  • help you get started on a particular paragraph, essay or response you are working on
  • help you improve any rough draft you are working on
  • help you with topic sentences for your paragraphs and thesis statements for your essays
  • help you to give your paragraph or essay more focus
  • help you revise or rewrite a paragraph or essay according to your professor's suggestions
  • help you with all the aspects of your research paper or thesis
  • help you learn APA or MLA formatting procedures


  • write any sentence or any part of your paragraph or essay for you (or tell you what to write)
  • format your papers or sources for you
  • be of much help if you come to the ARC the day (or even the day before) your paper is due
  • proofread your paragraph or essay for you
  • guarantee that you will get good grades


“Plagiarism: What it is and How to Avoid it” (from Writing Tutorial Services at Indiana University)