Online Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Nursing Degree   

GMercyU’s Accelerated BSN program offers you a path towards a fulfilling career in nursing. However, if your bachelor’s program lacked a strong science component, or if you graduated more than five years ago, you may be worried that you lack the science background to succeed. Thanks to the laboratory component many of these classes require, you may also be concerned about finding the time to make up the necessary knowledge without disrupting your schedule. 

We have a solution: our convenient health science prerequisite courses. Offered exclusively online, these five- to eight-week classes feature intensive instruction led by our nursing instructors. Their guidance will help you catch up on critical scientific principles and understand the application of scientific theory to nursing practice. 

You’ll also gain hands-on experience with home laboratory kits that are included in the cost of your courses. At $350 per credit hour, our online nursing prerequisites offer you a flexible, affordable way to begin your nursing education.

What You Will Learn – Nursing Degree Prerequisite Courses

We offer a total of eight prerequisite course options. You can choose to take all of the courses, or pick and choose classes missing from your bachelor’s degree program. Our admissions counselors can help you determine which class or classes you’ll need.

5-week courses:

  • Developmental Psychology 
  • Statistics

6-week course:

  • Nutrition

8-week courses:

  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy & Physiology I 
  • Anatomy & Physiology II 
  • Chemistry I (only necessary for students who did not take an undergraduate chemistry course) 
  • Chemistry II (Organic Biochemistry) 

Prepare for Nursing School Online at GMercyU

Find the online prerequisite classes you need to qualify for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with GMercyU. Call 844-707-9064 or e-mail to contact an admissions counselor, or begin your online application now!