Meet Madison Taylor

Nursing, 2021

Current Position: Nurse Residency Program and Progressive Care Unit at CHOP

Madison Taylor, BSN, RN graduated from Gwynedd Mercy University with her BSN in August of 2021. As an undergrad, Madison always believed she would attend medical school. After working as a volunteer within a hospital setting, she decided to switch career paths and attend nursing school. Madison heard through the grape vine about GMercyU's Accelerated Nursing Program (ABSN) and the reputation it has in developing sought after nurses in the Philadelphia area. 

Madison started the ABSN program in Jamuary 2020. She expressed that the semester was "filled with uncertainty and required adaptaion to meet the needs of the evolving health crisis." Many of the professors and staff were more than willing to be not only a resource for class, but also a resource for personal reasons. When Madison faced some harships that forced her to lighten her coursework, everyone in the program was supportive and made sure she could succeed.

"The ABSN program moves quickly and requires a commitment and dedication to completing the program, because ultimately, it's what you as an individual put into it, as well as take from it," said Madision, BSN, RN.

During her time at GMercyU, Madison participated in the University's chapter of SNAP (Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania) which is part of the larger organization called National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). Members of the GMercyU chapter served as representatives for the nursing community. During their meetings, which were held virtually, the group would brainstorm volunteer opportunities, although they were limited. They also had guest speakers come to discuss various topics and careers to give insight into the potential that the nursing profession has to offer.

As a nursing student, Madision had to participate in clincial. She had the opportunity of doing both virutal and in-person in hospitals that surround the Philadlephia area. Madison also served as a volunteer of Tails of Valor Paws of Honor for a class project.

Since graduating, Madision has started working at CHOP in the Progressive Care Unit and has enrolled in CHOP's nursing residency program. Although she now works independently on her floor, the culture of her unit never leaves her alone.

"We all work and support each other regardless of age, years of experience, etc. because our patients are our priority," she said.

Once a month, members of the nurse residency program meet to discuss various topics with the nursing education department. The program is currently working on an evidence-based practice poster and presentation assignment. The goal is to evaluate a current policy of CHOP. 

"Overall, it has been a great experience and I am still learning every single day," Madison said.