We're so thrilled to welcome you to Griffin Nation! Meet some of the friendly faces at GMercyU who will help you make the exciting transition to college in the videos below!

Your First Step

Aimee Huffstetler, M.A., Assistant Vice President for Enrollment, walks you through what's next. You can also go to

Griffin Ready Days

We can't wait to see you and other new students on campus for Griffin Ready Days! Director of First-Year Experience Kim Cooney, EdD, shares what to expect.

Meet 10 Students

Watch these amazing students' journeys and picture yourself here.

Career Development

Meet Nick Schaefer, MA, Director of Career Development, here to support you with your career goals!

Tutoring Services

Meet Stephanie Alderfer, MS, Director of Tutoring Services & Placement Assessments, who helps students get the free academic support you need, if you need it. 

Accessibility Services

Meet Kelly Kiefer, MS, Director Accessibility Services. If you have a qualified disability, her department can help provide accommodations to meet your needs.

First-Year Experience

Our First-Year Experience (FYE) program helps you transition successfully from high school to college, and thrive in and out of the classroom.

An Inclusive Community

Through more than just words, GMercyU is doing the work of championing the underrepresented and advancing change and awareness in our corner of this diverse world.

Get to Know the President

Meet President Deanne H. D'Emilio, JD, who spoke to the host of The College Tour last fall.