Activist Shane Claiborne Presents During GMercyU’s Work for Justice Week

GMercyU welcomed speaker, activist, and best-selling author Shane Claiborne during Work for Justice Week. Claiborne shared stories about activism, the Gospel, and how we as a society can help to build a world free of violence.

Stephanie Fratantaro, Professor of Practice for Psychology and Director of General Education, was among those who attended the event.

“Learning more about Shane’s story and his commitment, globally, to support nonviolence provided a critical perspective into nonviolence as a practice and a movement, not just an ideology. His determination to challenge the rhetoric of nonviolence purported by communities, and people, of faith to align with actual practices of nonviolence was impactful and, indeed, a call to action,” Professor Fratantaro said.

“I was particularly moved by Shane’s naming ‘proximity’ as a key factor in developing connection to communities plagued by violence in order to develop the depth of connection and understanding required for ethical community advocacy. Through rich dialogue, the event provided an opportunity to examine the integrity of our own words and deeds, and to examine how we live our University motto ‘veritas et misericordia,’ truth in mercy,” Professor Fratantaro shared.

Shane Claiborne Background

Claiborne worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and founded The Simple Way in Philadelphia, Pa. He currently heads Red Letter Christians, a movement of individuals committed to living “as if Jesus meant the things he said.”

“Shane is a champion for grace which as led him to jail advocating for the homeless, and to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to stand against war. Now grace fuels his passion to end the death penalty and help stop gun violence,” said Jeff Wallace, Director of Spirituality and Justice at GMercyU.

Claiborne has been featured in several films, including “Another World is Possible” and “Ordinary Radicals.” His work has appeared in Esquire, SPIN, Christianity Today, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal. He’s also appeared on Fox News, Al Jazeera, CCN, and NPR.

Additionally, Claiborne has given academic lectures at Harvard, Princeton, Liberty, Duke, and Notre Dame. He regularly speaks at gatherings, festivals, and conferences across the globe.

Claiborne’s books include:

• Jesus for President
• Red Letter Revolution
• Common Prayer
• Follow Me to Freedom
• Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream
• Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers
• Executing Grace
• The Irresistible Revolution
• Beating Guns
• Rethinking Life (to be released in February 2023)