GMercyU ABSN Students Assist in Vaccination Efforts

Gwynedd Mercy University Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing Students are assisting St. Mary's Medical Center in their COVID-19 Vaccination efforts.

The partnership began on February 10 with a small group of GMercyU ABSN seniors and will continue throughout April as Saint Mary's vaccination schedule opens up.

"The best part was seeing how excited the seniors were to receive their vaccinations," ABSN student Michael Paoline said. "It was pleasing to know that we were making a difference in their lives and making the community a safer place during this pandemic."

In addition to making a difference in the community, a hallmark of GMercyU's mission, students were able to put the skills they learned in the classroom to practical use.

"I was able to interact with the local community, educate them in the process of getting their vaccine, as well as getting hands on learning, on what community-based public health nursing truly is," ABSN student Brian Sequeria. "This experience has made me want to volunteer more as a future nurse, and help out in any way possible."

As Pennsylvania's vaccine efforts increase, GMercyU will continue to explore partnerships with local healthcare affiliations. Learn more about GMercyU's Nursing and Healthcare programs.