Psychology grad Wilnise Destin '20

Meet Wilnise Destin

Psychology, 2020

Current Position: MBA Student, Inventory Operations + Order Fulfillment Assistant

Wilnise envisions herself eventually working in human resources, perhaps even launching her own business one day, and she has a plan to make it happen. She's currently gaining valuable work experience while she earns her MBA. “My MBA is going great,” said Wilnise. “I feel like GMercyU prepared me for graduate-level work.”

Her current job focuses on warehouse management, order fulfillment operations, and logistics data management. There, she uses the transferable skills she learned at GMercyU, such as communications, critical thinking, time management, and adaptability.

In addition to those skills, Wilnise believes the research skills she honed in GMercyU’s Psychology program will also serve her well in human resources. 

GMercyU Experience

Wilnise chose GMercyU for her undergraduate degree because she liked its size and found the tuition affordable. 

“I was undecided when I first started the undergraduate program, but over time I gravitated towards psychology,” she said. “Many career options can be taken with the Psychology program, and I wanted multiple options of career choices and flexibility. The Psychology program at GMercyU helped me explore the different ways I can use my degree.”

As a Psychology major, Wilnise conducted an undergraduate research project on the empathetic perspective of college students. “Specifically, it examined whether participants are more likely to empathize with individuals who demonstrate complex behaviors (i.e., both negative and positive) if the individual is the same gender as the students,” she explained.

She also found a mentor in Rebecca Gullan, PhD, coordinator of the Psychology program. “She helped pushed me out of my comfort zone," Wilnise said, "and the work she assigned helped improve my writing style."