fallopenhouse2022_800x500.jpgBy GMercyU's Office of Admissions

The best way to get to know a college or university is to take a tour. At GMercyU, we offer a range of tour options.

Think of your tour as a fact-finding mission — you're checking out the overall vibe and atmosphere, but also gathering information to help you decide if a school is right for you. Here are some questions we recommend asking.

Admissions / Financial Aid Questions to Ask on Your College Tour

1. Do you require applicants to submit SAT/ACT scores? Does not submitting them affect my chances of being admitted? Do you super-score the SAT/ACT? ("Super-scoring" means the school takes your best reading score and your best math score and combines them into your “super score”.)

For future nursing majors: Do you require the TEAS test for admissions to the nursing program?

2. What are your admissions criteria for direct entry into _____ major?

3. What types of scholarships does your institution offer? (Need-based scholarships are offered based on information received from the FAFSA; Merit-based are offered based on academic achievement.)

4. Do you offer free help for completing required financial aid paperwork?

General Questions to Ask Your Admissions Counselor

5. What support services do you offer to students? (e.g. career center, tutoring, counseling, etc.) Do they cost extra? Is there a limit on how often students can access them?

6. How diverse is your student population?

7. What does your university do to make people from all different backgrounds feel welcome and supported on campus?

8. How safe is your campus? 

9. Is there a course or program to help first-year students get acclimated to the institution?

10. Can I have a car on campus starting my first year? If not, when?

Campus Life Questions to Ask an Admissions Counselor

11. Can I work on campus? How does that work?

12. Can I play a sport? What sports are available? How do students balance sports with classes and internships/clinicals/student-teaching?

13. What clubs/organizations/honor associations do you offer? What level of commitment do they require? What would that look like with my schedule?

14. How many students live on campus? What’s it like to live on campus?

15. When will I meet my roommate? How does this process work? Is there a freeze period where I am unable to change roommates?

16. How committed is the university to providing opportunities for students to engage in service-related activities?

Major / Minor / Classes Questions to Ask on a College Tour

17. What opportunities will I have for hands-on learning in my chosen major?

18. What does a full-time schedule look like for my major?

19. What are some common internship sites/clinical experiences/student-teaching schools for students in my major?

20. Can I add a minor? What would that look like for my schedule?

Real-World Experience Questions to Ask Admissions

21. How does the university relate coursework to the real world?

22. How will the university prepare me to get a job in my field?

23. What are some jobs that students in my major have landed?


About Gwynedd Mercy University

Gwynedd Mercy University offers 40+ undergraduate programs that prepare students to become top professionals in the fields of nursing and other health professions, arts and sciences, business, and education. Our campus is located on 145 private acres in Gwynedd Valley, Pa – a beautiful, serene place to live, learn, and grow – just 30 minutes from Philadelphia. And, in Fall 2023, first-year students will get to enjoy a newly remodeled residence hall, Loyola Hall. Have questions about GMercyU? Reach out to an admissons counselor today!