What Can You Do With a Masters in Public Health (MPH)?online MPH

Public health workers dedicate their careers to prolonging and improving quality of life through health education, advocacy, disease prevention and awareness, and more. From worldwide health policies, to preventative medicine, to vaccination programs and more, public health is a global effort that saves lives, reduces suffering, gives children a healthy start in life, and helps communities thrive.

How do you go about launching a career in public health? What can you do with an MPH? Continue reading as we answer the following questions.

What Is an MPH Degree?

An MPH degree, or Master’s in Public Health, is a graduate degree that many public health workers hold. Some include professionals who are looking to broaden their area of focus into health, or those who want to advance their careers.

Your MPH degree can open you to well-paid jobs in health education, population health promotion, epidemiology, and care for the environmental, social, and economic health of communities.

Common Career Paths and Jobs for a Master of Public Health

Wondering what can I do with a master’s degree in public health? Earning a Master’s in Public Health degree can lead you to an exciting and rewarding career, including the following.


Job Description: Epidemiologists study both patterns and causes of human disease and outbreaks. Using their research and findings, they work toward a goal of improving overall health and outcomes through assessment and monitoring of population information.
Education Requirements: Master’s degree
Average Annual Salary: $78,520*

Medical and Health Service Manager

Job Description: Also referred to as healthcare administrators or executives, medical and health service managers are charged with planning, directing, and coordinating all aspects of medical and health services for groups of physicians or medical practices, as well as for specialized departments and in other clinical settings. They play an essential role in the general daily operations and function of healthcare settings.
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; some employers may require a master’s degree
Average Annual Salary: $104,830*

Health Educator

Job Description: If teaching about healthy living and lifestyles is your passion, a career as a health educator may be exactly what you’re looking for. This role involves developing, implementing and evalutating health interventions that aim to strengthen and improve overall health and wellness for both individual patients, as well as for entire communities. From gathering data, to discussing and teaching about health concerns, health educators are an important component of our healthcare system.
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; some employers may require a master’s degree. See below for a certification you can earn to prepare you for this job.
Average Annual Salary: $59,990*, but varies depending on degrees held and experience

Environmental Specialist

Job Description: An environmental specialist’s role is to become an expert who not only continuously monitors environmental impacts, but who also proactively finds issues that a population may be introducing to an environment. Additionally, environmental specialists will find and advise on reasonable, viable solutions to newfound issues. A main goal of an environmental specialist is to enhance living conditions while reducing negative environmental impact on any given environment.  
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree; some employers may require a master’s degree
Average Annual Salary: $76,480 *

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