What Jobs Can I Get With a Digital Communications Degree?

Digital Communications Jobs & CareersThe digital communications field is ever-expanding with new career opportunities. A versatile and engaging career choice, digital communication jobs are a wonderful trajectory for those who are creative with a passion for connecting with others. Pursing a degree in digital communication is a great launching pad to jobs in media and marketing to fields such as human resources. 

This article explores several digital communication jobs to consider, as well as: 

What Is a Digital Communication Degree?
Digital Communications Job Description & Responsibilities
Career Paths and Jobs for Digital Communications Specialists
Less Typical Career Paths for Digital Communications Majors

What Is a Digital Communication Degree?

A digital communications degree focuses on the digital communications that take place within online forums, physical companies, and media organizations. From developing brand slogans to increasing a restaurant’s social media following, digital communications jobs foster the way companies and businesses connect with and grow their virtual and physical audiences. 

Digital communications degrees typically explore digital analytics, social media management, and digital media trends. Many will also develop skills in content creation, such as creating video for social media or producing podcasts. With growing demand in today’s thriving digital market, there are countless options for those considering digital communications jobs.

Digital Communications Job Description & Responsibilities

The typical requirements for those within the digital communications field will vary widely based on the career path chosen. Generally, those working within the field will have a keen awareness of topics such as:

  • Digital Proficiency: From understanding content management software to using digital platforms that help support productivity, digital communication jobs will unanimously require confidence within modern digital mediums.
  • Online Engagement: Knowing the ins-and-outs of social media and online communication is a major element of many digital communication jobs.
  • Website Development: From coding basics to digital copywriting, website development is a common responsibility for numerous digital communication paths.
  • Content Creation: Digital communication positions will frequently request that an individual has experience with content editing software to create new content or further develop current promotional content, from video to graphics to podcasts. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Ensuring that a company is easily found in search engines, using search engine optimization strategies, is a standard task for many digital communications specialist jobs. 

The most common goal of digital communications specialists is to target and engage with consumer or social audiences. A strong communicator is able to connect with a wide variety of people; this is a crucial for successful within the digital communications field. 

Career Paths and Jobs for Digital Communications Specialists

One of the best benefits of choosing to pursue digital communications is the expansive and unique nature of your career choices. Depending on your individual strengths, you can choose a digital communications job that supports your personal growth and maximizes your professional skill set. Please be mindful it may take a few years to reach an average annual salary such as the ones shared below. Also, depending on where you live, your earning potential could be higher or lower.

Marketing Specialist

Job Description: Every major business and organization will have a team of marketing specialists and digital communication specialists who help engage a consumer audience online. Choosing a career in digital marketing is a great move for those with strong organizational skills and who thrive working within a team with a common goal. 
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Communications, Advertising, Marketing
Average Annual Salary: $76,080
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Social Media Specialist

Job Description: Social media management is a popular career choice. Social media managers and specialists are responsible for creating content for social media and curating and growing strong social media audiences and engaging with consumers to help drive revenue. In short, they're the face behind the viral posts and trends that we see online.
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Marketing
Average Annual Salary: $54,791
Source: Payscale

Media Entertainment Careers

Job Description: From broadcast television to online podcasts, digital communication jobs within the media industry are exciting opportunities. The goal of these positions is to generally inform and entertain the general public with engaging and carefully curated content.
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Media Arts, Film, Broadcast Television
Average Annual Salary: $66,100
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Public Relations Specialist

Job Description: Public relations specialists are the face of brands and the source of the connection we develop with companies we love. They're responsible for creating press releases, networking with major digital publications, and carefully trending to the media needs of a business.
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Public Relations, Journalism
Average Annual Salary: $62,800
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Corporate Recruiter

Job Description: Digital communication specialists are savvy at connecting with people online; those skills are critical for corporate recruiters, who seek talent that companies need to function effectively by recruiting online through a variety of virtual channels. They identify employment opportunities for interested candidates and pair them with corporate partners to help address staffing needs. 
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Human Resources, Business Administration
Average Annual Salary: $62,911
Source: Payscale

Human Resources Representative

Job Description: Those working within HR are responsible for the social communications and expectations within a workplace. From worker ethics to social motivation, digital communications specialists can foster mindfulness for connection within a company. Coordinating training programs and developing professional development opportunities are some examples of an HR representative’s typical tasks that a digital communication specialist could excel doing. 
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in Digital Communications, Human Resources, or Business Administration. Applicable experience is typically required and gained while obtaining a degree.
Average Annual Salary: $62,290
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Less Typical Career Paths for Digital Communications Majors

We’ve covered some specific digital communications careers above, but we’ve yet to find a limit to the ways digital communications can be integrated within existing job fields. While these career paths may be less common, the constant development of digital tools within work spaces leads to opportunities for a dedicated digital communications specialist. These paths include, but are not limited to: 

  • Careers in Website Design: While many web development positions might need technical degrees, digital communication specialists often have experience with content creation, editing, and marketing analytics. These can be helpful in pursuing a career in website design and development.
  • Careers in Digital Media: Similar to those working with print, digital media specialists shape what we consume online. Online publishing, video production, and graphic design are common career choices for those with great communication skills and strong technical skills.
  • Careers in Law: Law firms appreciate administrative assistants with strong organization and communication skills. An added confidence within digital mediums can help make digital communication specialists eligible for competitive administrative and paralegal positions. 
  • Careers in Journalism: Digital communication plays a vital role within digital and print media. Whether you’re interested in production assistance within broadcast television or would enjoy creating original content for online publications, the journalism field has digital communication jobs available. 

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