Office of Environmental Safety

The Office of Environmental Safety supports the core values and mission of Gwynedd Mercy University by upholding our social responsibility to create a safe, environmentally friendly work place while observing federal, state and local regulatory standards. Our primary goal is provide educational programs, safety training and support for faculty and staff while maintaining environmental awareness.

The Office of Environmental Safety is located on the second floor of Maguire Hall, room 236. Faculty, staff and students are welcome to stop in and review federal and state regulatory documents, as well as chemicals SDS, or address environmental safety programs implemented on campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 215-646-7300 ext. 21489 or access the Hazardous Conditions Report Form (PDF).

Biological Safety

Chemical Safety

Hazard Communication Plan

General Safety Concerns

Online Training Modules

Gwynedd Mercy University Environmental Safety Programs

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Regulatory References

Biological Safety

At Gwynedd Mercy University, our Biological Safety Program ensures the safe and proper use of biological materials and provides education on the disposal of biological waste and the use of proper protective equipment. It is important that our practices are in compliance with the federal and state regulations, and that the laboratories are equipped with the proper materials to allow students, staff and faculty to work safely with known and potential biological hazards.

Bloodborne Pathogen Safety and Awareness Plan
Biohazard Waste Management Plan
Biosafety in the Microbiological and Biomedical Lab
Natural Sciences-Mathematics Laboratory Safety Manual
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
Biological Waste Removal Request
Sharps Safety Facts
Biohazard Safety Suggestion Form
Request an SDS

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Chemical Safety

GMercyU is concerned about the safety of our students, faculty and staff when using or generating hazardous chemicals. Our Chemical Safety Program provides information and education to ensure the safe handling, usage, collection, storage and disposal of chemicals generated on our campus.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)
Chemical Hygiene Plan-Executive Summary (PDF)
OSHA Laboratory Standard (PDF)
Chemical Waste Removal Request (PDF)
EPA Compatibility Chart (PDF)
RCRA Waste Compatibility Chart (PDF)
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (PDF)

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Hazard Communication Plan

The purpose of the Hazard Communication Plan is to establish a mechanism for the management of any chemical hazards, and to ensure the health and safety of all University personnel working with or around these chemical substances.

Hazard Communication Program
APPENDIX A - HCS Glossary and Common SDS Terms 2013  (PDF)
APPENDIX B - HCS Sample SDS 2013  (PDF)
APPENDIX C - HCS Sample Hazard Label  (PDF)
APPENDIX D - HCS OSHA Job Safety Bulletin  (PDF)
APPENDIX E & F - HCS Chemical Inventory List  (PDF)
APPENDIX G - Hazard Communication Standard  (PDF)

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General Safety Concerns

The Environmental Safety Office has an obligation to maintain a work place that is free of health hazards for the entire University community. Questions, concerns and suggestions are welcome and needed to continue this commitment. 

Hazardous Condition Safety Concern form (PDF)

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Online Training 

All documents related to the online training modules have been moved to GMercyU's internal portal. Please contact the Environmental Safety Manager at x21489 if you have trouble accessing these documents. 

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GMercyU Environmental Safety Programs

Gwynedd Mercy University is privileged to have faculty and staff who are educated on OSHA and EPA regulations, and support a continued effort for the development and implementation of compliance programs for our campus. For information on the some of the environmental compliance programs, review the documents below:

Universal Waste Management Program

We have developed a universal waste management plan that is overseen by our Plant Services and addresses the best management practices for the removal of all universal waste products, such as light bulbs and batteries.

Universal Waste Program (PDF)

PA DEP Requirements for Managing Universal Waste (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Recycling (PDF)

Introduction to Universal Waste (PDF)

Lamps fact sheet (PDF)

EPA Recycling and Reuse Proposal (PDF)

EPA Implementation of Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Batteries (PDF)

EPA Mercury-Containing Equipment Fact Sheet (PDF)

Lead-Based Paint Awareness

We recognize our responsibility to educate and notify any occupants on campus of the potential of lead-based paint or other materials located in housing built before 1978. The Environmental Safety Office provides the following facts sheet and pamphlets as required by the EPA and OSHA.

Disclosure of Known Lead-Based Paint (PDF)

GMercyU Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (PDF)

Lead-Based Paint Warning (PDF)

Lead-Based Paint Fact Sheet (PDF)

EPA Information on Protecting Your Family From Lead Hazards (PDF)

Title 42 Information (PDF)

Asbestos Removal Program

Plant Services is actively addressing the removal of all asbestos on campus. Many buildings built before the 1970s contain asbestos products. View the guide below or contact Plant Operations with questions or concerns about asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos Awareness Guide (PDF)

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Safety Data Sheets

What are Safety Data Sheets? (PDF)

Request a Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet Format Guide (PDF)

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Regulatory References

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Pennsylvania Department of Protection (PADEP)

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry