CIS Major Valentin Semenyuk

Meet Valentin Semenyuk

Computer Information Science (CIS), 2021

The Computer Information Science major secured a job in cybersecurity months before graduation.

Valentin has always known what he’s wanted to do, career-wise. From a young age, he would take apart computers and gadgets to see what they were made of and figure out how they worked. “I was always so fascinated by the computational and processing power of computers and what they’re capable of,” said Valentin.

As a CIS major with a concentration in Cybersecurity, he feels there’s no better place to be than GMercyU. It gave him the skills and connections he needed for his internship, which helped land him a job with a leading cybersecurity company in Montgomery County. He’ll officially begin there after graduation while he pursues his master’s degree in cybersecurity.

“I want to gain an even deeper understanding of cybersecurity,” he said. “It is ever evolving, and you need to make sure you are up to date. Long term, if everything goes just right, I may open my own cybersecurity firm someday down the road.”

Read more about Valentin, in his own words, below.

Memorable CIS Experiences

My favorite class at GMercyU was Intro to Networking. There, my knowledge and comprehension of the OSI Model, as well as basic network schematic, grew into what I know now. That class gave me the foundation I needed to excel at my internship.

And, I was a part of a hacking competition set up by the CIS department with the US Air Force in spring semester 2021, where I took first place. The event was a great experience because I finally was able to put what I had learned to the test in a real-world scenario.

Current Internship

I am interning at a cybersecurity firm named Interactive Security. They contacted CIS Program Coordinator Cindy Casey in hopes of finding a student intern, and she recommended me for the position.

My responsibilities there are penetration testing, where I scan a range of given IP addresses to identify vulnerabilities and create reports with my findings.

GMercyU's CIS Faculty

There is no better school to study CIS. Whether for cybersecurity, graphic design, or software engineering, GMercyU has the best professional staff. They will work with you to ensure your success, as well as push you to make sure you are doing your absolute best.

The staff-to-student ratio is amazing; therefore, you can get that one-on-one attention you need.