Meaghan McBride

Meet Meaghan McBride

Social Work, 2022

"My favorite part about GMercyU is the awesome memories I have made with lifelong friends. I have been through two different majors and have met a variety of people that are amazing. I also like walking around campus and knowing individuals by name."

Journey to GMercyU

Meaghan McBride, a 2015 Springfield Township High School graduate, heard about GMercyU through her high school who was advertising Open Houses. She also took notice to the various billboards and heard about GMercyU through radio and tv commercials.

"The selling point was staying in a small school which I would benefit from individualized attention from professors. I also believe in the values that the University stood for. They believe in Integrity, Respect, Service, and Justice which almost coincide with the core values of Social Work," Meaghan said.

Experience in the Social Work Program

"My experience has been awesome," Meaghan said.

Meaghan first came to GMercyU as a nursing student, but realized the field was not for her. She reached out to Career Development's Nick Shaefer for assistance and described him as "phenomenal." He had her complete a personality test which helped direct her to some career paths that might better suit her.

"The one thing I learned from him was to not give up," Meaghan said. 

After taking an interest in Social Work and performing some research on the field, Nick connected Meaghan with Dr. Luquet and Dr. Nuss.

"They both were extremely caring and welcomed me with open arms. They want each student to be successful and will go to extreme measures to advocate for their students," Meaghan said. 

Internship Experience

Meaghan interned with Family Promise in Montgomery County, Pa. While working, she was offered a part time job as Lead Pantry Supervisor where she oversaw the operations of the food pantry and assigned volunteers various tasks.

"It is the best internship so far that I have experienced," Meaghan said.

Meaghan had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Family Promise, where she met Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and Valeria Arkoosh, Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. She had the privilege of sitting in the front row with other event staff, and was later featured on Shapiro's Instagram listening intently to the speaker at the ceremony.

She also completed volunteer hours for one of her classes at Manna on Main Street in Lansdale, Pa. In her role there, she shadowed a social worker for fifteen hours and interacted with clients who came in seeking food.

"It was a neat experience and every client I encountered had a fascinating story," Meaghan said.


After graduation, Meaghan plans to continue her education journey by attending Bryn Mawr College to pursue her Masters in Social Work. She has been accepted into the advance-standing program in which she will be at Bryn Mawr for one year starting in Fall 2022.

Why Attend GMercyU?

"I would suggest to a prospective student interested in Social Work to come to GMercyU because of the close cohort they will work with," Meaghan said.

Meaghan described social work as "the helping profession" and in order to be successful, the program allows classmates to work with one antoher in simulations or internships to meet the basic and complex needs of all people.

"It is not an easy job because you are working with individuals who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty," Meaghan said.

Even thought here are good and bad days, Meaghan said "having a close cohort to lean on during those times is extremely important."

"From the professors to the students, everyone is caring and want the best for everyone," Meaghan said.