Meet Camryn Zeller

Social Work, 2022

"My favorite part about GMercyU is the tight knit community that the school brings. I developed a great relationship with faculty and staff because they really care about their students and make it known that they are always there for us. GMercyU ensures that we adapt to college in a great way by having so many activities and events to make us feel comfortable. I am coming out of GMercyU with lifelong friends because of this tight knit community."

Journey to GMercyU

Camryn Zeller graduated from Abington Senior High School in 2018.

"My mom works at GMercyU, so I grew up visiting quite a bit. I would help with Open Houses and Accepted Students Day before being a student here, which made me so excited to become a Griffin myself one day," Camryn said.

During her freshman and sophomore years on campus, Camryn worked for Admission as a Griffin Ambassador. Her main responsibility was to give campus tours and also help out in the Admissions office.

"Not only did I love welcoming incoming students, but this role caused me to grow my relationships with faculty on campus and grow as a student," Camryn said.

Experience in the Social Work Program

"The Social Work program is an incredible learning experience with a tight knit cohort and amazing faculty to guide us through this journey," Camryn said.

As a Griffin Ambassador, Camryn was able to share how special the Social Work program is with prospective students and their families.

Assistant Professor & Director of Field Education Janice Nuss, DSW, LCSW is one faculty member that stood out to Camryn. She served as Camryn's mentor and professor during her four years in the program.

"She gives endless support to her students and truly cares about our future as social workers," Camryn said.

Internship Experience

During her senior year, Camryn completed an internship at Indian Creek Foundation. There, she was given the opportunity to become a therapeutic assistant in a program called TAY, an after-school program for teens with autism. The program is designed to help these teens build their social and relationship skills.

"These teens are amazing and I've loved working with them and truly seeing their progress. I have learned so much from my site supervisors on what it truly means to be a social worker," Camryn said.


After graduating in May 2022, Camryn will be attending graduate school on a part-time basis. Since the GMercyU Social Work program is accredited, Camryn is able to enter graduate school in the Advanced Standing NSW program where she can obtain her Masters degree in two years.

Camryn plans to continue her work at Indian Creek Foundation in summer 2022, and hopes to become a full-time social worker there.

"One of the biggest reasons as to why our program is truly the best is because us students are never just a number. The social work professors really take time to know their students and guide them to feel confident in our career choices," Camryn said.