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Griffin Success Story Jordan Abelson
Jordan Abelson
Biology, 2021
"Even though I still do not know where my career or educational journey may lead, I am sure I am in the perfect place to guide me."
GMercyU alum and DIY Hip Chick Beth Allen
Beth Allen
“The thing that I learned at GMercyU is the love of learning. I have been a student my whole life. I really don't think that I'm that particularly different from other people; I'm just doing it.”
Stephanie Andrewlevich
Stephanie Andrewlevich
Education, 2001
"My fight is to make sure that every child in every community is given the same starting point.” 
GMercyU basketball player Darnell Artis
Darnell Artis
Communication, 2016
“Those challenges forced me to adapt to different circumstances and become a better leader who successfully managed different player personalities.”
GMercyU alum Kurt Balderson
Kurt Balderson
Education, 2014
“I remember walking over the crack between the ferry dock and ferry thinking to myself, ‘Am I having a nervous breakdown?’”
GMercyU alum Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball
Sports Management, 2011
"I spent the majority of my time at GMercyU on the field or in the gym, working toward becoming a better baseball player. The feeling of working toward a goal with 30 other people is something I’m really glad I had the chance to be a part of.”
Gwynedd Mercy University Nursing Student Tom Beal
Tom Beal
Nursing, 2016
"When I was young, I always told people how I wanted to be the Phillie Phanatic. While my career choice had changed, my wish to become a mascot did not."
GMercyU Business Alum Kris Boyd
Kris Boyd
Sports Management, 2018
"I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to work for an NHL Team that I had grown up watching and I truly could not be happier."
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce
Management, 2016
“It's true that there really is no substitute for experience. The knowledge and experience I learned is much more important than most things that I could have learned from a book.”
GMercyU Jenna Caffarello Education Alumna
Jenna Caffarello
Education, 2016
"I really think by having people believe in us here, we believe in others the rest of our lives."
GMercyU Griffin Success Story Casey Carr
Casey Carr
Nursing, 2017
"They really helped us grow throughout the program and I feel like now that I’m at the end, I feel like my class as a whole is going to be successful."
GMercyU student Joshua Carson
Joshua Carson
Finance, 2016
“GMercyU was a great landing spot for me, because I never really feel alone.”
GMercyU Alumni Spotlight Chris Cassar
Chris Cassar
Business Administration, 2008
"With the education I received from GMercyU and the support of my family and friends, I’m living my dream of working with the NFL."
GMercyU English Alum Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
English, 2007
“While sales and law may look like disconnected careers, there are many parallels. Some of the things that attracted me to law were also the critical components for being successful in sales: research, communication, public speaking, and psychology,”
Samantha Creidler
Communication, 2019
"GMercyU completely changed my life for the better."
GMercyU alum Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels
Education, 2006
“The cool thing about GMercyU is they're not afraid to go into neighborhoods and help people.”