Public Safety Services and Programs

In partnership with the Office of Public Safety, all of us here at GMercyU are committed to providing a safe and welcoming campus environment. To support you throughout your time on campus, we provide a wide array of programs and resources.

Various student groups, including Peer Counselors and the Student Government Association, sponsor programs on issues such as vandalism, fire safety, rape, alcohol and drug abuse, and self-defense.

These programs are open to all members of the University community. Information on when and where they are offered may be obtained from the Counseling Office and the Student Activities Office. Educational booklets, brochures and videotapes are also available through Student Services.

If you would like to arrange a safety or security related educational program, please contact the director of the Department of Public Safety and Security at 215-646-7300, ext. 21785.

Rape and Sexual Violence Support Services

For more than 30 years, GMercyU has proactively addressed the issues of rape and sexual violence through seminars, forums and other presentations.

We also conduct educational and training programs for our employees who interact with students, including Public Safety officers, coaches, student services personnel in the Office of Student Services, members of the campus ministries and those who provide services in the student residences.

Any member of the community who is a victim of sexual violence is encouraged to seek support and assistance and to report the incident. When a victim of a sex offense contacts the Counseling Services Department, the individual will be advised of health, legal and other support services available and will be assisted in accessing these services.

Students are encouraged to contact the Counseling Services office at 215-646-7300 ext. 21571 in order to report an incident confidentially. Students may also report an incident by dialing 1-1-1 from a campus telephone or by using one of the blue light emergency telephones on campus.

The GMercyU Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF) addresses GMercyU’s procedures, services and sanctions in regard to rape and sexual violence. GMercyU's Title IX Coordinator is Robert Wood, who can be reached at 215-646-7300, ext. 21140,
or in the Connolly Faculty Center, Room 114.